Teen Wolf “Strange Frequencies” Review (Season 5 Episode 7)

Before getting into the review, I would like to take a moment of silence for Stiles’s jeep.

Thanks for the memories! *tear*

So this week’s episode of Teen Wolf, Strange Frequencies, was entertaining in some ways and dare I say . . . a little strange.

Like its predecessors this season, “Strange Frequencies” had action, suspense and a few stomach-turning special effects. Although Teen Wolf is unquestionably entertaining, this week’s episode really highlighted certain tropes I wish the writers would abandon altogether and served as a reminder about storylines that started with lots of potential that now feel a bit lost in the mix.

I have no idea what the precise timeline of Teen Wolf is, but I am certain that after five seasons of the show I really wish the characters were making better choices on a more consistent basis. In all fairness to Scott’s pack, the supernatural world is always changing and the rules have proven to be in no way static. This understandably makes it hard for the pack to always make thoughtful, logical choices because much of what they face comes in the form of a surprise.

However, the writers have created a universe of resources from the bestiary to Dr. Deaton – hell, even Gerard’s years of hunting have made him a somewhat useful source. Despite the resources available to them, the writers repeatedly place the characters in peril by having them go head first into ill-conceived plans that have been concocted without any input from Deaton, Satomi, an Argent, Morrell, etc. I want Scott’s pack to be smart enough to stop making plans without fully tapping their resources and I want the characters who we’ve been lead to believe have a long history in Beacon Hills to continue to be relevant. It is kind of ridiculous that we have seen Brett several times this season and at no point has it occurred to anyone to get some input from Satomi. The suspense, drama and stakes can be compelling without it repeatedly resulting from poor planning by Scott’s pack.

Granted, I am sure that the reason we do not see Satomi, Morrell or more of Deaton is because of issues with actor availability and budgeting. I would much rather have the show invest in characters to whom we have been introduced and explore arcs for them, rather than introducing new regular characters simply to service a new storyline that ultimately ends up leaving a lot to be desired.

I am glad to see the writers are at least keeping Kira from facing this fate, as we are slowly but surely learning more about her struggle for control with the fox inside her. I love the Yakimuras and would much rather spend more time with them than those stupid Dread Doctors. The downside to Kira’s b-plot is that I am starting to worry if this is a swan song for the character. What was with that ridiculous musical montage of Scira moments in the middle of the episode? Strange montage aside, everything else with Kira in “Strange Frequencies” reminded me of what I loved most about Teen Wolf in its earlier seasons, as it had the perfect mix of action, mystery and even a little lightheartedness in the initial exchange between Kira and her dad.

It is nice to see the writers give Liam something to do, as the Beta is often left behind when Scott’s pack takes on riskier feats. Unfortunately, the writers appear to be writing Liam to fit the Dread Doctor storyline and have done very little build on what we learned about Liam in his inaugural season. Although I found Liam’s Season 4 angst a bit annoying at times, there was something interesting about the troubled kid with anger issues who unexpectedly became Scott’s first Beta. Liam went from a character with anger and control issues, to a bit of a comedic foil who falls in holes and gets punched in the face. The writers introduced us to a character last season who appeared to have much more depth and he had a past that I wanted to learn more about. It would be nice to see Liam spend more time with the pack. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Liam share more scenes with his best friend Mason and watch the two of them find clues to help the pack with the big bad.

The rest of the episode felt like a lot of action being used as a substitution for actual plot development. Other than the skin graft discovery by Melissa and the Sheriff, the remainder of the Dread Doctors plot was more of what we’ve already seen over the least few episodes – Stiles feels guilty, Theo is an evil son of a bitch, Parrish has connection to Lydia that occasionally plays out like Cinemax porn and he is taking the bodies. If the writers are not going to advance the ball, the very least they could do is to reveal one of these secrets to a member of Scott’s pack. We are now SEVEN episodes into this season and this plot has gone nowhere. After the extremely nonsensical, anti-climatic Benefactor reveal last season, I am not confident that this Dread Doctor plot will reach a satisfying conclusion.

Scott’s willingness to use Hayden as bait was a pretty interesting turn for him, but I’m sure he will vow to never consider something like that again after the Dread Doctors took Liam and Hayden to parts unknown. I suppose Scott’s willingness to make a hard decision might have significance to Stiles’s secret and how Scott reacts to his best friend’s revelation. If Scott is anything but understanding, it would be an extremely disappointing departure for the True Alpha.

Although “Strange Frequencies” was not my favorite episode, it’s hard not to look forward to next week’s episode so that we can learn about the woman on the McCall family kitchen table with Kira’s sword in her chest.

Until Next Moon Day!

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