Mr. Pope’s Wild Ride on Falling Skies

Pope, Hal, Tector, the Berserkers - Falling Skies

With Falling Skies halfway through its final season, it is nice to look back on our favorite characters and their arc during the almost five year run. One of my favorite characters has always been John Pope. He is, I think, the most complicated character on the show, and undoubtedly the most fun to watch.

Spoiler warning, I will be discussing events that occurred in all five seasons, including the latest episode to air, so if you are not up to date with your viewing, tread carefully!

In the Beginning…

John Pope - Falling Skies

When we first met John Pope, he was the head of a gang of opportunists, a very logical post apocalyptic construct considering human nature. The invasion afforded them the opportunity to do as they pleased and they stole with abandon in order to further their own interests. Mainly they stole weapons from other resistance fighters.

The fun really begins, though, when they kidnapped Tom and his squad and tried to hold them as ransom for a large weapon. Of course, the best laid plans and all; the 2nd Mass naturally frees Tom and his squad and captures Pope and his followers.

Tom Mason realizes how intelligent Pope is, and thus begins their back and forth love/hate relationship and uneasy collaboration. They end up making Pope head cook when he complains about the food, but he is still not trusted and kept under constant guard.

Pope manages to escape to points unknown and is later captured by the 7th Mass, who had made a deal with the Espheni to capture children for the Espheni to harness. Pope is kept alive in exchange for intelligence on the 2nd Mass. When the 2nd Mass gets into a fight with the 7th Mass, Pope sides with the 2nd Mass and finally earns the respect of Tom after saving Hal’s life.

Munitions and Explosives

John Pope - Falling Skies

Pope had a complicated life before the invasion. As the course of the series unfolds, we learn more about him and his background. While serving time in prison for accidentally killing a man, Pope learns about explosives. That also happens to be where he learned to cook, but I digress.

When Pope comes up with a way to use the scrap metal from the Mechs to make bullets that penetrate their armor, he is put in charge of the armory. At this point, he finally joins the fight with gusto, even volunteering to attack the Boston Tower. He appears to be fully redeemed.

Popetown and The Nest

John Pope - Falling Skies

In season 2, the 2nd Mass travels to Charleston and discovers a group of survivors living in an underground mall, complete with a President of the US. By the time season 3 arrives, there are defenses in place so that people are able to operate outside the underground structure. During this time of relative stability, Pope reverts back to his pirate ways and sets up his own black market in Popetown and an establishment called The Nest. His followers scavenge goods for him to sell and his business is thriving! The Nest offers drinks and gambling, a respite from the harshness of the life humans are living. He is now living the good life, as a full on entrepreneur.


John Pope and the Berserkers - Falling Skies

During his time with the 2nd Mass, Pope assembled his own fighting squad known as the Berserkers. This was a group of people who like Pope, hate the Skitters. They were also a bit on the wild side, and were called upon to do the craziest and most dangerous missions – ones that no one else in their right mind would take on.

Unfortunately, just about all of the original Berserkers are dead as of the fifth season.

Ghetto Life

Pope, Tector and Hal - Falling Skies

Pope being Pope, he always finds a way to make a profit in any situation. During season four, the 2nd Mass and others were being housed in what was left of Charleston, turned into a Ghetto by the Espheni and used as a staging area for humans to transport to processing facilities where they were being changed into hybrids. Pope still managed to amass food stocks and other life essentials, to the detriment of others of course. Being a ruthless businessman, he was of course not well like and butted heads with Tom.

Love Happens fallingskies_s5e3-1600x900_061920151251

Later in season four after the 2nd Mass escaped the Ghetto, Pope runs across Sara while on a scouting mission. She promptly drugs him via a beer. Their relationship simmers slowly until season five, when they both declare their love for each other. Finally Pope has something other than himself to live for.

Sadly, this love was not to be as Sara is killed tragically after being trapped in the alien mist during a scouting mission and devoured by mutated bugs.

Off the Rails

Pope and Hal - Falling Skies

Pope blames Tom Mason for Sara’s death. Tom was on a mission to wipe out the factory mass producing Skitter hybrids and refused to divert to help free Sara. By the time Tom and the others were able to reach Sara she had been killed by the bugs.

Because of this, Pope has now gone over the edge and is carrying out a full-on vendetta against Tom and his remaining family. He has kidnapped Hal and plans to kill both Tom and Hal. What will this mean for Pope? Will his anger over Sara’s death result in his own? Or will there be some other event that will bring about his final redemption?


What do you think Pope’s fate will be this final season? Do you enjoy watching him? Who is your favorite character on Falling Skies? Let me know in the comments section below!