Deutschland 83 (SundanceTV) “Bold Guard” Episode 7

Deutschland 83 (SundanceTV)

Deutschland 83 “Bold Guard” Episode 7 airs Wednesday, July 29 at 11:00PM ET/PT on SundanceTV. In tonight’s episode, As preparations for NATO’s nuclear war game named “Able Archer” intensify, Martin receives an order from East Germany that cements his fears about the East’s paranoia. He has to warn his Western superiors about the misunderstanding. But how? Finally he has no choice but to blow his own cover – to Edel himself. As a guise to threaten Martin, Tischbier joins a student demonstration and encounters Alex, for whom he has bad news. Finally, Martin races to the border, chased by the West German authorities – ironically, the only man in West Germany who’s trying to escape from the West into the East.

Show Summary: DEUTSCHLAND 83 is a gripping coming-of-age story set against the real culture wars and political events of Germany in the 1980s. The drama follows Martin Rauch (Jonas Nay) as the 24 year-old East Germany native is pulled from the world as he knows it and sent to the West as an undercover spy for the Stasi foreign service.

Hiding in plain sight in the West German army, he must gather the secrets of NATO military strategy. Everything is new, nothing is quite what it seems and everyone he encounters is harboring secrets, both political and personal.