Pretty Little Liars “FrAmed” Review (Season 6 Episode 8)


On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” thankfully, the momentum of the last episode continued with the aptly-titled “FrAmed.” It’s clear that the show is picking up speed as we head into the final few episodes of the first half of the season, and that’s a good thing, because the middle portion was a bit hit-or-miss. Now I’m sure there were some people watching this, thinking at a certain point: “They are seriously not introducing yet another character this late in the game!” But I thought it was a clever addition, when you think about it.

I mean, the guy obviously looks enough like Jason (Drew Van Acker) that one of the girls mistook him for Jason himself, so there’s that, and it adds fuel to the Jason’s “twin” theory that’s been floating around as well. Do I think he’s necessarily Charles? No, I do not. But who’s to say that he isn’t connected somehow? Note, for instance, his slight British accent. Who else do we know with a British accent on the show? Yep, good old Wren, who I’ve been saying as of late, could well be Charles himself. Maybe Wren is the mysterious benefactor of the Carissimi Group, aka the person Rhys has a weekly conference call with, and the man responsible for donating Hanna’s scholarship money.

As for why he looks like Jason, well, who’s to say Jason’s the only rogue DiLaurentis out there? The woman got around, after all. Ditto Daddy Hastings. Maybe he’s got some other kids out there, too. Hell, maybe Peter Hastings IS “Uber A.” I’ve always figured “Big A” had to be an adult. After all, he’d have to have some deep pockets to fund all this stuff. Also, some serious intelligence and wits about him. That could certainly be Peter Hastings. It would also explain why his minions are so loyal to him- they’re his kids.

So, we’ve got Charles (aka maybe Wren), and Melissa (aka the “Black Widow”) on the table as major possibilities insofar as minions go. I’d throw Cece in there as well as the other minion (aka “Red Coat”), but I can’t quite figure out how she’s related to either Jessica or Peter. Maybe she isn’t, and just hates Ali and her friends in general. Ali did get her kicked out of school, after all, and she imitated her at Radley that time, so maybe she was trying to set her up for later. That doctor also said “Watch out for the blonde one” or something to that effect, so I definitely think Cece’s involved regardless.

I genuinely don’t think Spencer is involved, though. Could it be that Veronica Hastings had an affair of her own, to get back at her husband, and Spencer isn’t Peter’s? Maybe that’s why they hate her. Not sure why they hate the rest of the girls, unless the affair was with one of their fathers. If that’s the case, Aria’s father Byron seems the most likely culprit, as he’s a proven cheater, and was known to be in the area of the initial incident with Ali and Bethany and so forth (aka the night Bethany was killed/Ali was assaulted). So that takes care of Aria.

As for Hanna and Emily, I’m not sure, though if Veronica’s affair was with one of their fathers, then you could substitute whichever it was for Aria. Once again, Hanna’s father seems more likely, what with Emily’s father away more often than not. Also, Hanna’s parents are divorced. Maybe that’s what caused it? Still doesn’t explain the tormenting of the other girls, but maybe one of you has a theory about that.

So, moving on…quick synopsis of the stuff not discussed: there’s an APB out on Charles, who is also thought by the cops to be responsible for Jessica’s death. Kenneth turned himself in to the cops, sans lawyer, to tell them what he knows. Charles and Red Coat have a new control center, with eyes on the art gallery where Aria was supposed to debut her photos. They had someone switch out her real pictures with photos of all four girls under the sheets at the Dollhouse “morgue,” while they observed the results together. The school board is thinking of banning the girls from their own prom, for “safety concerns.” Charles and Red Coat have tickets to said prom, and photos released in advance of the mid-season finale show the girls at said prom, so count on that not happening.

Emily is thinking of asking Sara to the prom, and mentioned to Aria she didn’t feel a tracker in Sara’s neck. Ali snuck into the police profiler room with Lorenzo’s credentials, which got him in hot water later on and none too happy with Ali. While there, she saw their list of suspicions and clues and evidence and the like, as well as a list of “A” victims: Bethany, Ian, Wilden, Maya, Garrett and Jessica. (I personally don’t think all of them were “A” victims- some may not even be dead, in fact, if you believe certain theories.)

Charles (or Red Coat) left a message directly intended for Tanner at the art gallery. Underneath the photos of the girls was a sign that said: “Stolen Dolls” with “No Son Lindas” (“They aren’t pretty”) in Spanish underneath that- Tanner’s native tongue and a play on her first name. Turns out “A” (or whoever) knows a few things about Tanner, too, it would seem. Tanner rightfully saw this as a taunt or a threat.

The girls saw Rhys in the vicinity of the gallery and followed him to a closed down doll factory (Straus Dolls), where he met with Clark, who I think we all knew was a bit on the shady side, which was clearly confirmed here. I think the show wants us to think they are Charles and maybe Red Coat and this was the location of the control room from earlier, but I just think they are minions at best, perhaps blackmailed into doing what they are doing, or simply paid to. It could well be the location of the new control room, but I don’t think they are Charles and Red Coat.

Ezra is contemplating doing the Habitat for Humanity thing with Nicole, but claims to not be dating her, although he did seem chummy with her at the art gallery. Aria later opened up to him about her experiences at the Dollhouse a bit. Meanwhile, her mother, Ella, met with Ashley to discuss what was going on with the girls, and Ella’s feelings that the cops weren’t doing enough to protect them, as Red Coat watched from outside. I wouldn’t be surprised if they also discussed one of the things I mentioned above as well, such as the possibility that either Ashley or Ella’s respective ex-husbands could be involved somehow.

I’ve long since maintained that this whole thing has less to do with the teens anyway, and everything to do with the “sins of the parents,” as it were. Mark my words, “Big A/Uber A” is an adult, not one of the teens, and not one of the twenty-somethings, either. They might reveal Charles, Red Coat and the Black Widow on the mid-season finale, but “Big A/Uber A” isn’t going anywhere. Besides, they wouldn’t have a show if they got rid of everyone involved, and we already know we’ve still got another season and a half to go, plus a time jump to boot. No way are they taking out everyone involved in one fell swoop. Never gonna happen, so brace yourselves, anyone thinking “all will be revealed” on the mid-season finale.

I don’t doubt a substantial portion will, but no way they’re revealing “all” or we wouldn’t have a show, obviously. You can say “I told you so,” if I’m wrong afterwards and a new “A” takes over the game after the time jump, but I don’t see that happening. I think the minions of “A” and the minions only are getting caught/revealed, and that’s it at most, and I’m actually good with that. I think if there’s one thing we all can agree on, it’s that all we want are some solid answers for some of this stuff and we can live with the rest of the fallout that results, whatever that may be. We shall see.

Well, that’s about it for this week. Beyond Charles and Red Coat clearly having something nefarious planned for the prom- my guess is trying to kidnap the girls again, this time including Ali, as seen in the preview- I think I covered everything. By all means leave your “Pretty Little Liars” theories down below and I’ll see you next week for the penultimate episode of the half-season!