‘Dominion’ (Season 2): Hearing the Voice of God

Dominion - Season 2

In the world of the Syfy apocalyptic supernatural series Dominion, God vanished and in his absence Archangel Gabriel (series regular Carl Beukes) and his army of lower angels waged war on mankind, thinking they were the cause of God’s absence. Twenty-five years after that war, Archangel Michael (series lead Tom Wisdom) chose to side with humanity against his brother Gabriel, deciding to live among the humans until a prophesied savior appeared to save mankind.

From the very beginning of the show it has been clear that Archangel Michael is on the side of humans; but as seen in the finale of the show’s debut season, Michael lost his way, murdering Becca, the human woman to whom he had formed a relationship – primarily a sexual one – but a relationship none the less. Unfortunately, Becca was dissecting angels, angering Michael to the point that he killed her. Realizing what he had done, Michael left Vega (formerly Las Vegas), one of the few fortified cities left after the war.

As season two of the show opened, Michael is not only haunted by what he did but is also wandering aimless in the wilderness until he discovers the small town of Mallory, Alabama – a small town that has seemingly been untouched by the angel war and where the inhabitants claim they are protected – and are in contact – with God.

Obviously Michael is deeply intrigued by the possibility that the residents of Mallory have a connection with his Father that neither he, nor Gabriel nor any other angel – let alone the remnants of humankind – have had for nearly three decades.

As Michael slowly learns the mysteries behind Mallory – mainly through the assistance of town leader Laurel (guest star Olivia Mace) – he discovers that the large bonfire in the center of town has been burning since the war, protecting the town from all eight-balls, which are human beings possessed by lower angels who have distinctive black eyes. And, then he learns that the town has a standing rule: in order for the fire to stay lit all of the residents must rid themselves of all their sins – giving over those sins to a volunteer who acts as basically a confession taker, who must then sacrifice their life every five years.

In an attempt to spare Laurel what he sees as an unnecessary death, he steps in to take her place, accepting the sins of the Mallory residents and then taking his life. This was, I’m sure, also his way to reach out to his Father, hoping to hear the voice of God for the first time in decades.

If you have been watching ‘Dominion’ since its second season premiere on July 9, what is your take on Michael and the path he has taken. Was he led to Mallory, Alabama by his Father for a greater purpose? Will he continue to watch the town from afar since everyone there believes he is dead in order to save their lives? Will he go back to Vega in order to repair his relationship with Alex and the rest of the residents he abandoned?

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