Killjoys’ Delicious Mysteries

Dutch, Johnny, D'Avin, Lucy - Killjoys

Hello fellow Killjoys fans! Hard to believe, but as of the most recent episode, we are now half way through the first season of Killjoys. In this article, I will be discussing events up to and including the fifth episode, so if you have not seen it, be warned – spoilers ahead!

As with any good TV show, we never learn everything about the characters from the beginning. It takes time for us to get to know them, and usually the plot line is interwoven with the character information and background revelations. In just five episodes, Killjoys has revealed some tantalizing secrets, but those revelations have only led to deeper mysteries surrounding our characters.


Killjoys - Season 1

Over the course of these first five episodes, we have been slowly learning bits and pieces of Dutch’s background. Like most TV characters, she is very tight lipped about her past. But, we do know that her mentor, Khylen, trained her from a very young age and she learned to kill almost before she learned her ABCs.

Now, the thought occurs to me as to why anyone would want to teach a child so young to kill. I assume it is like anything; children are very impressionable and easy to manipulate, so starting her young meant that she would not question what he was asking her to do.

But, that must not have worked out, since at some point she left presumably because she no longer wanted to assassinate people for Khylen. What made her change her mind about that way of life? How did she get away? Did she steal Lucy from Khylen to escape? Is that how he was able to track her? Why did he let her leave? Why has he stayed away for so long? And more to the point, why is he back now?


Killjoys - Season 1

In episode five we finally got more info on D’Avin’s past. Up until that point, we knew that he was a former soldier, and that he was experiencing horrible nightmares which caused him to call out in the night and awaken in a state ready to kill.

In episode five we learned that on his last mission for the military, he killed all the men in his squad for an unknown reason. But, in keeping with making a good mystery, he really does not remember anything about the event, including exactly how and why it happened.

Furthermore, it turns out that he has some kind of memory suppression tech or neural blockers in his head – preventing him from remembering. Someone does not want him to access those memories – that is clear. But who would that be? Could it be The Nine? And exactly why is it so critical to keep those memories hidden?


Killjoys - Season 1

Ok, maybe not everyone has secrets. Or at least not yet. I am sure Johnny will end up having his fair share of secrets, but maybe we should be suspicious of someone who is so seemingly well adjusted?

I mean, someone has to be, right? Not everyone can have a shady or mysterious past. Someone needs to be stable member of the team. Oh, sure, he hides behind his snark, but other than that, he does seem totally straightforward.

Which is of course why I think there is probably more to him! Possibly related to space rats; who knows? I do know that space rats must be much worse than terrestrial rats, coming at you in their little space suits!


Lucy - Killjoys

The ship on Killjoys, named Lucy, has a personality all her own, and therefore deserves mention as a character. Artificial intelligence in sci-fi spans a range from computer interfaces to androids and avatars that look and behave like humans. As we saw in episode five, Lucy is sassy, tough, and yet has a soft spot in her circuitry for Johnny.

Why is Johnny her favorite? Well, the simple explanation is that he interfaces with her the most, being the pilot and ship’s engineer. But we do have to wonder if there is more to it – after all, Johnny tried to steal Lucy from Dutch, so there is a longer relationship between Lucy and Dutch.

Other Mysteries

Red 17 - Killjoys

In episode five, we were also introduced to the mystery of “Red 17.” What is it? Why was the malfunctioning computer so determined to find out? Is it really a thing, or just another part of the malfunction?

I must say that the episode in some ways reminded me of Serenity and what caused the Reavers. Yes, the intentions were different, the Reavers experiment was an attempt to make people docile which went horribly wrong, and on Killjoys the nanites were being used for enhanced interrogation. But still – experimental program gone horribly wrong leading to terrible consequences…


What do you think of the mysteries on Killjoys? Do you have a theory as to what “Red 17” is? How about why Lucy is so sweet on Johnny? Are there any mysteries I missed? Please let me know in the comments section below!