‘Pretty Little Liars’ (Season 6): Will “A” Finally Be Revealed?

PLL Charles in Mask

Ever since Pretty Little Liars returned for the start of its sixth season at the beginning of last month fans have been wanting to know who Charles DeLaurentis really is? Is it just a moniker that “A” has taken? Is it really the long-lost brother of Allison and Jason? Or is all of this just a smoke screen? There have been numerous other times throughout the long run of this show when a supposed reveal of who “A” really is was to be made, but those were red herrings to say the least.

However, according to the latest trailers for the upcoming summer finale of the long-running ABC Family soap opera, we are being led to believe that we will finally come face to face with “A”.

But will we?

After all, this show has been on the air for six seasons now and we are still really no closer to knowing who “A” is. The first time a face was put to the moniker it was Mona, who was nothing more than a pawn; a vengeful pawn, but a pawn none the less.

Then the blame was placed on Toby, but that was merely a ploy because he was attempting to infiltrate “A’s” world in order to keep Spencer safe. Kudos to him for trying to be the good boyfriend, but that backfired on him.

Up next was Spencer herself, but she was only working in that now infamous black hoodie to not only find out who Red Coat was but also to see if Toby was alive.

The next “A” reveal was none other than Lucas Gottesman, who we all thought was a friend to all of the liars, but he wasn’t the real thing either because he was being blackmailed.

The liars then thought that Spencer’s older sister Melissa was “A”, but – just like Lucas – she was being blackmailed and that was yet another red herring.

And then Detective Darren Wilden was thought to be “A”, and while – for whatever reason – he was working with the real “A” – that association ended with his stunning death in season 3.

The above people may have been the primary suspects behind “A”, but they aren’t the only ones who were suspected to be the culprit. The liars suspected Allison both while she was still supposedly dead and even after it was revealed that she was alive. They also suspected Allison’s friend CeCe Drake and bad boy Noel Kahn. Am I forgetting anyone? I’m sure I am since there have been more wild speculations on who “A” is and who “A” isn’t ever since the show began.

And now with the supposed REAL reveal of who “A” is looming ever closer, do fans of the show think this is finally going to be the moment of truth? Or will it, like all the other times, be a trick? Viewers who have been sticking with this show for all of its six seasons want do know…who is “A”?

Who do you think it will be? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below and make sure to watch the next new episode of the sixth season of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ when it airs on ABC Family on Tuesday, July 28 at 9/8c.