The Fosters “Faith, Love, Hope” Review (Season 3, Episode 7)

Faith Hope Love

The new episode of The Fosters that aired last night on ABC Family primarily focusing on Mariana being asked to be her new little sister’s godmother, but in order to do so she had to be baptized in the Catholic Church. Stef and Lena had an issue with that because they don’t share the same beliefs as those of the Gutierrez’s – Mariana’s biological family.

The issue of faith has always been a touchy subject on television; and this episode proved to be no different. Mariana desperately wanted to be Isabella’s godmother, but her moms Stef and Lena would not provide their consent. That being said, though, in a moment of reflection Stef reminded Lena that they had agreed to allow their children to form their own belief system, and I have to give them credit for permitting Mariana the opportunity to decide for herself.

In the end, Mariana’s biological mother Ana came to Stef and Lena, asking them to take Isabella after all because she felt she could not be a good mother to her. It was revealed that Ana is actually suffering from post-partum depression; and thanks to Mariana’s impassioned plea to Victor and Elena, they are going to finally help her. This situation, in turn, brought about a realization for Lena, who admitted to Stef that she hates the tree planted in their backyard as a tribute to Frankie, the baby that they lost.

One of the things about this family drama is that they do not shy away from a lot of storylines within every episode but also that they aren’t afraid to hit the harder subject matters with grace and style while not going for the easy, pap answers.

Elsewhere, Brandon may be back in the programming at Idyllwild, the summer music camp for which he was accepted at the last minute and then summarily dismissed from because of plagiarism [like I said the show doesn’t shy away from storylines!], but now he is facing stiff competition from the only two people at the camp who he thought were his friends. Brandon had a very interesting take on the composition he and the other composers at the camp were tasked to write, but Tony – the very guy who helped Brandon get back into the program – stole that idea, making it his own. Low blow, Tony; and one that you will regret because Brandon isn’t going to take this lying down. I have a feeling that Brandon will come back fighting with Tony being left on the sidelines – or more specifically, losing the chance to have his piece played at Disney Hall.

The action doesn’t stop there as Callie and Mariana bought a car without telling their moms and it turned out the car was stolen. It actually pays to be honest with your parents from time to time and let’s hope that both girls have learned their lesson.

Oh, and that kissed between Callie and AJ…well that landed AJ and Callie in some hot water with Stef and Lena so much so that AJ was told he had to go live with Rita Hendricks for the next few weeks until Mike’s foster paperwork is fully processed. That situation wasn’t helped by the arrival of AJ’s older brother Ty, who – upon learning what is going on – filled AJ’s head with idea that the family doesn’t want Callie involved with AJ because of race. In fact, what AJ didn’t know right away, is that the family had already gone down this road before with Callie and Brandon. In fact, it was so bad that the family had to put a restraining order out on Brandon to keep him away from Callie. And that very restraining order – that was to expunged from his records – came back to bite Stef and Lena in the ass because their attorney, Robin, told them that Callie cannot be with them until she fully investigates that whole sordid past problem.

Just another day in the life of The Fosters, right?! What did you think of last night’s episode? Please share your thoughts below.

The next new episode of ‘The Fosters’ will air on ABC Family in two weeks on Monday, August 3 at 8/7c.

Teri Polo as Stef
Sherri Saum as Lena
Maia Mitchell as Callie
David Lambert as Brandon
Cierra Ramirez as Mariana
Hayden Byerly as Jude
Danny Nucci as Mike Foster

Guest stars:
Rosie O’Donnell as Rita Hendricks
Tom Williamson as AJ Hensdale
Chris Warren as Ty Hensdale
Tony Plana as Victor
Marlene Forte as Elena
Alexandra Barreto as Ana
Keean Johnson as Tony
Mark Daugherty as Jin Chang
Yvette Monreal as Adriana
Kate Zenna as Robin