Chasing Life Review “Life of Brenna” (Season 2 Episode 3)

Chasing Life July 20

Brenna finally managed to get some much needed attention after months of living in April’s shadow in Chasing Life’s latest episode, Life of Brenna. It’s been a longtime coming. In fact, I am surprised that the once rebellious sister made it this far without exploding. Brenna’s certainly been through the ringer; her sister gets cancer, she loses Greer and now she has been forced to leave her private school and attend public so that Sara can afford to care for April’s treatment, all while trying to be the maid of honor.

She finally hit her boiling point last night with several emotional scenes that really made you feel for her. And for the first time, I really appreciated Natalie’s fiery attitude when Brenna ran into the boy who got her pregnant while looking for wedding dresses, something that happened to Brenna years ago that April knew nothing about. Natalie reveals Brenna’s big secret and instant hurt and heartache spreads across April’s face.

When Brenna shares that she needs to do her film project, April comes up with a game plan to break into the school. It’s so unlike her but it seems she really wants to make things up to Brenna. All three of the sisters get locked in not knowing about the silent alarm. The silver lining in being stuck together until morning – they finally vent and share their feelings. Even Natalie shares what she learned in their father’s manuscript. But rather than get angry that their father viewed Natalie as “simple”, Brenna as the Band-Aid child, and April as the golden child, all three decide they don’t want to keep secrets like him.

Other Notable Happenings In ‘Life of Brenna’

Dominic and April’s luncheon with his mother was awkward and uncomfortable.

Grandma’s response to Natalie defending Brenna at the dress shop was great!

April’s ‘Pretty Woman’ moment was one of the best scenes of the night.