Cedar Cove “Hello Again” Review (Season 3, Episode 1 – Two-Hour Season Premiere)

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The two-hour season premiere of the family-friendly Hallmark Channel series Cedar Cove aired on Saturday night, and there was a lot of story jam-packed into that premiere.

Let’s take a look at all the storylines:

Olivia and Jack: Olivia is still very upset with Jack after learning that he fell off the wagon, jeopardizing their relationship.

Justine and Luke: They are a solid couple now, but their lives are in flux with Justine planning on moving out of her mom’s house, getting a job and going to graduate school in the fall while Luke attempts to get a job on a local fishing boat. The only problem is Luke’s new boss is Seth’s best friend.

Grace and Cliff: Cliff proposes to Grace after telling her that he has no feelings for his ranch manager Alex, who ends up quitting her job on the ranch and being hired by Warren’s controlling father (it turns out she used to work on Wall Street).

Peggy and Moon: They attempt to work together on a big fundraiser for the local fishermen, using all that money Moon had secreted away over the years; but that backfired until Bob stepped in to help calm the waters between the two.

Bob and Grace: Bob tricked Grace into taking over the unpaid role of Town Manager in order to get the existing manager – who isn’t very good at the job – out of the position.

Warren and his dad: They are fighting over the business because of the dirty dealing Warren Jr. has committed; but Olivia ruled in favor of Warren Sr.

Eric and Shelly: Eric was taken into custody by the FBI, rescued (so to speak) by Rebecca and then learned that Shelly was going to leave for a new job in Colorado, taking their daughter with them.

Jeri and Jack: Jeri has been promoted to Senior Editor at the paper where she and Jack work in Seattle, making her Jack’s new boss; and she keeps pushing him to drink, but he is making sure he doesn’t slip again.

Sure, there was a lot going on in the season premiere; and at times maybe too much going on for such a small town, right? What are your thoughts on Jack and Olivia’s relationship? Do you think that Olivia has truly come to terms with Jack? Do you think she will consent to moving in with him as he asked?

Do you think that Grace will eventually put the engagement ring from Cliff on her hand? What are your thoughts on Grace becoming the town manager?

Will Jack admit to Olivia that Jeri is now his boss at the Seattle paper? And, with that now a fact of life, do you think that Jeri will keep pushing Jack to drink? What do you think is her ulterior motive?

What about Luke and Justine? Do you like them as a couple? Where do you think their relationship will go? Will they be able to make it work unlike her and Seth?

Are you going to miss Eric? Do you think he and Shelly will make their co-parenting work in Colorado?

Share your thoughts on the show in our comments section below. And remember the next new episode of the third season of ‘Cedar Cove’ will air on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, July 25 at 8/7c.

Andie MacDowell as Olivia Lockhart
Dylan Neal as Jack Griffith
Teryl Rothery as Grace Sherman
Sarah Smyth as Justine Lockhart
Brennan Elliott as Warren Saget
Barbara Niven as Peggy Beldon
Bruce Boxleitner as Bob Beldon

Guest stars:
Colin Ferguson as Paul Watson
Emily Tennant as Cecilia Rendall
Tom Stevens as Eric Griffith
Timothy Webber as Moon
Sebastian Spence as Cliff Harting
Jesse Hutch as Luke Bailey
Cameron Bancroft as Will Jeffers
Cindy Busby as Rebecca Jennings
Rebecca Marshall as Alex
Mike Dopud as Roy Macaffe
Hayley Sales as Shelly
Julia Benson as Jeri Drake
Tom Butler as Warren “Buck” Saget, Sr.
Andrew Francis as Derek
Bill Dow as Norman
Anna Van Hooft as Lynnette Macaffe
Sarah-Jane Redmond as Carrie Macaffe