Comic Con Coverage 2015: Grimm

Comic-Con International: San Diego - Season 2015

The entire cast of the NBC fairytale drama Grimm – David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell, Bree Turner, Claire Coffee, Sasha Roiz and Reggie Lee – as well as some of the creative minds behind the show – Jim Kouf, David Greenwalt and Norberto Barba – took to the Comic Con stage this past weekend to not only talk about the show since its debut but also to tease what can be expected next season.

In fact, a special video was screened at the beginning of the panel, focusing on Nick’s path since learning the truth about his family’s history leading all the way up to the tragedies that brought last season to a climatic conclusion.

Of course, the elephant in the room was the fact that cast member Bitsie Tulloch was not on stage with the rest of the cast. When the executive producers were asked if her character Juliette would come back to life, they simply said “No, anything can happen; but no”. That confirmation was, needless to say, not all that welcome with many of the audience members.

To deflect from that news, the executive producers did share that the 100th episode – that will be a part of the upcoming fifth season – will finally explain the keys that have played a role in the show from early on. They also shared that Hank will find love this season; Nick’s reason to keep going will be his baby with Adalind; Rosalee’s past addiction problems will come back to haunt her and that there will “more than likely” be flashbacks of Juliette coming up too.

Among the audience Q&A’s that came up during the panel included:

• Sasha being asked about his turn as Jack the Ripper – he shared that “it was fun…just a great way to depart from the Captain”;

• The writers admitted that they do take fans’ reactions into account when they are developing storylines – especially the death of a main character – “but sometimes you just gotta do it”. They also shared that it is a “huge decision” and that they were “not jumping for joy”;

• Silas and Bree were then asked if Monroe and Rosalee will ever have kids with Bree sharing that “they are scared” while the executive producers said simply “perhaps”;

• Reggie was asked why Sgt. Wu didn’t beat Hank and Nick up when he finally learned the truth about Grimms and Wesen, he said “there was an initial anger and there are times he (was) pissed off”; and that viewers will “see a resurgence of bitterness” in Wu this coming season;

• The executive producers admitted that they are “not sure yet” what Adalind and Nick’s baby will be; of course it will be one-half Hexenbeist and one-half human/Grimm; but beyond that they haven’t decided; and,

• New Wesen will be introduced this upcoming season, including the Loch Ness Monster and the Gila Monster.

Surprisingly there was no mention of Theresa “Trubel” Rubel (or for that matter her portrayer, recurring guest star Jacqueline Toboni) especially in light of her being the one who ended Juliette’s life [while saving Nick’s life].

‘Grimm’ will return for the start of its fifth season on Friday, October 30 at 9/8c.

Photo Credit: Mark Davis/NBC