‘Beauty And the Beast’ (Season 3): Wedding Bell Blues

Beauty and the Beast season 3 premiere

Before Vincent Keller and Catherine Chandler can get married they need to decide on the venue, but after seeing countless churches, Catherine can’t seem to make up her mind. But her uncertainty has nothing to do with any doubts about her relationship with Vincent. It does, however, have to do with dealing with her soon-to-arrive aunts (her mother’s sisters) who are coming to the city for her bridal shower.

As most fans of Beauty And the Beast know, Catherine’s mother was the main doctor behind Vincent’s transformation into the beast; and Cat has been holding a lot of anger toward her mom ever since that revelation came to light. She’s also been keeping the truth not only from her younger sister Heather but also from her aunts. That is until she exploded at everyone at her bridal shower.

This may not exactly be the wedding bell blues for everyone else, but it is certainly apropos for Catherine.

Things aren’t much better for Vincent who is dealing with his own kind of wedding bell blues because J.T. – well-meaning or not – tracked down Vincent’s only remaining family – his estranged cousins. His bachelor party didn’t go quite as planned because of a lone gunman, trying to take out a street vendor.

It would seem that there are more super-powered people in the city. But this time around the effects are short-lived and the people were used as nothing more than guinea pigs in order to draw out Catherine and Vincent.

The real questions now is who or what is behind all of this and why do they want Vincent and Catherine? Is this some kind of organization like Muirfield? And if the final scene of last night’s episode is any indication, the next super-powered person gunning for them is out for blood. This will make their trying to get married all the more difficult.

Perhaps the only silver lining in all the wedding bell blues is that Catherine, upon the urging of her biological father, found a video that her mother made for her on, of all nights, the night that she was killed right before her daughter’s own eyes. Everything that her mother said in that video is exactly what Catherine has been needing to hear, allowing her to finally forgive her mother for what happened to Vincent; and what essentially has happened to them since their fateful meeting the night her mother was shot down.

No one who has ever seen an episode of this rebooted series can say that Vincent and Catherine have an easy relationship and until they stop whoever is behind all of these super-powered people, their lives are going to be beyond complicated.

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