The Game (BET) “Clip It… Clip It Good” Season 9 Episode 7

The Game (BET) Clip It Clip It Good Season 9 Episode 7 (1)

The Game “Clip It… Clip It Good” Season 9 Episode 7 airs Wednesday, July 15 at 10pm ET/PT on BET. In tonight’s episode, while working late with Blue, Jason recalls memorable moments from the past nine years.

Show Summary: The Game is a half-hour dramedy focusing on the social lives, romantic developments and professional challenges of a group of professional football players and their female counterparts. In season 9, at the new bond between Kiera and Malik affects everyone – on and off the field. Tasha’s new child forces her to make a life changing decision where she must choose between her professional and personal life.

A few careless actions off the field have major repercussions for Blue. And even after her divorce is settled, Chardonnay has trouble letting go of Jason and vows to take revenge on him. Meanwhile, Jason and Kelly make a surprising commitment as Jason’s professional career hangs in the balance.

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