Pretty Little Liars “No Stone Unturned” Review (Season 6 Episode 6)


On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” the girls continued their investigations in full-throttle mode, throwing caution to the wind in terms of being law-abiding citizens, consequences be damned, in the wryly-titled “No Stone Unturned.” (See what they did there?)

To be honest, this was a bit of a wonky episode, more in keeping with old-school episodes of the show, not unlike last week. I feel like maybe they’re doing this sort of thing on purpose as a way of giving longtime fans a small dose of nostalgia before the whole time-jump thing upends the show and turns it into an altogether new animal. I didn’t mind it, per se, but with the episode clock ticking away and with us knowing that things are about to get real, and that it’s happening sooner than later, it’s hard not to think we should be moving things along a little quicker than we are.

For instance, the whole thing with Nicole (Rebecca Breeds, “We are Men”) and the Habitat for Humanity trip positively screamed set-up for the time-jump thing and, for that matter, do we really need to be introducing so many new characters this late in the game? Factor in Clark and Lorenzo (and Sara, more or less), plus the return of Dean and Lesli, and it’s all feels a bit like playing for time until the big reveal. Lesli at least served a purpose as an (obvious) red herring, but the rest are superfluous at best.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not jumping on the bandwagon of bashing the show for dragging things out, I just think some of this stuff is completely unnecessary to the main plot, and we really don’t need that sort of thing this close to the finish line, so to speak. So, as much as it was vaguely fun to have a throwback sort of episode, it’s still kind of frustrating.

To that end, I’m not going to bother with the extraneous stuff and I’ll just deal with the facts, as we know them, at least. According to Mona, while Lesli is indeed somewhat unbalanced, she was not friends with Bethany, and thus has no motive to avenge her death. Apparently, she only knew of Charles in that he disappeared the same night Bethany went missing from Radley, aka the night Ali “died.” Mona also (wisely) didn’t buy the whole “Charles is dead” thing, and pointed out that the whole organ donor thing was clearly faked, as no one would want his organs with all the drugs he was on at Radley. Ergo, Charles is still alive and kicking, in Mona’s opinion.

Meanwhile, Kenneth DiLaurentis got a freaky greeting card from Charles that told him to plan a birthday party “to die for” as Charles was coming home, which was clearly a thinly-veiled threat against Ken’s life. The message sent him reeling, trying fruitlessly to track down Charles’ doctor, to no avail, before ending up at Ali’s aunt to do what the girls should have done and dig that grave up to see what was inside. I thought for sure “A” was going to clock him and dump him in the open grave when he was done digging it up, but though someone was watching him, the episode ended before anything could happen.

That was really it for major developments, and that all happened in the final minutes of the show. Beyond that, the girls discovered that Lesli had a bunch of poser hipster eyeglasses in her truck with clear, non-prescription lens, and Aria found a doll at the junkyard with another doll hidden inside the dress that was clearly the one “A” was working on at the end of the last episode, now with a knife stabbing into doll Aria’s eye. Sara was supposedly hit by a truck that she thought might be Lesli’s and she and Emily hooked up. Finally, the girls confirmed what many suspected: that they had tracking chips embedded in them. So, now they know how “A” has been following them everywhere.

I did enjoy the scene in Lesli’s lab with the animals, and was duly amused by Spencer’s handling of Hanna’s noggin when she was realizing that there was a chip underneath her skin and was setting off the scanners or whatever in the lab. But overall, this episode was admittedly a bit disappointing, which is too bad. On the plus side, there’s only four more left to go in the first half of the season before the time-jump, so surely things will pick up sooner than later. One can hope.

What did you all think about the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars”? Were you disappointed with the episode, too, or do you think I’m being too hard on the show? What would you like to see happen in the next few episodes? Who do you think “A” is? What’s next for the girls? Will Aria actually end up getting stabbed in the eye? Will the girls get the chips out of their bodies? (On a side note: couldn’t they just use that as the evidence they were seeking?) Sound off on this and more and see you next week!