Comic Con 2015 Coverage: Orphan Black

Orphan Black S3
The fan favorite BBC America series Orphan Black took to the stage on the second day of Comic Con 2015 with cast members Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Dylan Bruce, Kristian Bruun and Ari Millen as well as executive producers John Fawcett and Graeme Manson participating in the panel moderated by actress Retta from Parks and Recreation.

The panel opened up with a great video clip looking back at the history of the cult favorite series before everyone was invited to the stage to thunderous applause by the very excited audience.

Retta asked the first question, focusing on this season’s premiere episode with John sharing the baby shower was his homage to “Pretty in Pink”; and that, of course, brought up the wild “family dinner” in the season finale. The cast commented that it was a tough sequence to film, taking two 18-hour days to complete it.

The conversation then turned to the demise of Paul Dierden with Dylan sharing that he knew at last year’s Comic Con that his character would be killed off. Despite the bad news Dylan was “really impressed” with the way Paul made his exit on the show. In fact, he said that he was “going out like a boss”.

Maria was then asked about singing in an episode this season, sharing that she has been singing for years; in fact, she has an independent record label with her husband. But she did admit that singing in front of her cast mates was “shocking” for her.

The executive producers were reticent to give away any spoilers for next season so when they were asked if Delphine (cast member Evelyne Brochu) were really dead, neither would confirm or deny it, saying “nobody is safe on this show…it’s (all) part of the mystery”.

It was also joked about that Donnie was kind of a bad ass this season and how entertaining it was to see Felix be butch when he was working at getting new clone Crystal’s ID for Sarah. Jordan then shared that “it was a dream” to do a scene like that. Of course the subject then came up about which clone is Tatiana’s favorite and she admitted that it is Allison. The cast then joked about how bad Helena was at pretending to be Allison and Cosima wasn’t any better.

The cast were then asked what their favorite scene has been over the course of the show. Their answers were quite interesting:

Tatiana – Gracie (recurring guest star Zoe De Grand Maison) dancing
Jordan – Sarah and Gracie talking in the kitchen about Beth
Maria – The clone dinner party
Dylan – Donnie doing donuts in the parking lot

One of the more interesting audience questions that seemed to resonate with the executive producers was if they have ever thought about doing a prequel on the European clones. In fact, John and Graeme have talked about that. There will actually be a comic book coming out in the fall that is all about Helsinki.

In addition to a blooper reel being show during the panel, for which the cast had not seen there were also three spoofs videos of Allison and Donnie shown at the end.

Orphan Black has been renewed for a fifth season by BBC America, but an official airdate has yet to be announced.