Comic Con 2015 Coverage: Dark Matter

Dark Matter

One of the last panels to be held on the first day of Comic Con 2015 spotlighted the new Syfy space drama Dark Matter, which focuses on an eclectic group of people who wake up on a spaceship having no memory of who they are or why they are on that ship. Since they do not remember their names, they take on the moniker of numbers based on the order in which they woke up: One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six. Soon enough, though, they discover that they are incredibly dangerous people with sordid backgrounds, all of them being wanted for heinous crimes.

The first question posed to the panelists, which included cast members Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, Jodelle Ferland and Roger Cross as well as executive producers Jay Firestone and Joseph Mallozzi, was why have the crew members accepted Two (O’Neil’s character) as their defacto leader? Anthony quipped “have you seen her in those jeans”. That comment set the tone for a comical panel to say the least.

Since all of the crew members, except for Five, learned their backstory, Jodelle was asked if her character really belongs on the ship to which she answered “Five did something like everyone else on the ship”, making it clear that Five does, indeed, belong on the ship.

The conversation then, of course, turned to the genesis of the series. Joseph shared that he started working on the basics of Dark Matter back during his days on Stargate SG1, giving him lots of time to flesh out the characters and storylines. That being said he assured viewers that they won’t be left hanging on the overall story. He also shared that the plan was always to put it on television beyond the graphic novel that started it all.

Jay was then asked what made him want to do a space show for his next project and he shared that Lost Girl was “mature” (i.e., coming close to an end). As it turned out, Syfy wanted to do something in space and he knew he had a copy of the Dark Matter graphic novel somewhere on his desk. He presented that to the network and Dark Matter the TV series was underway.

The panelist were then asked if they have a particular favorite classic space drama with the following answers:

Joe – Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Farscape
Roger – Buck Rogers
Jodelle – Firefly and Doctor who
Anthony – Doctor Who and Space 1999
Melissa – Alien

Joe and Jay were then asked about the response the show has received, sharing that viewers have responded well to the characters; in fact, the show has broken records in Australia. Jay added that “people who don’t watch space shows watch our show”.

The executive producers also shared that Wil Wheaton and actress Ruby Rose (Orange Is the New Black) will both be making guest appearances on the show; and while they would not give away any spoilers they did share that what is behind the mystery door in the ship will eventually be revealed and that there is also a major revelation coming later in the season.

The next new episode of Dark Matter will air on Syfy on Friday, July 17 at 10/9c.