Comic Con 2015 Coverage: The Last Ship


Hank Steinberg, the creative mind, and a number of the cast members, including Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, Adam Baldwin, Travis Van Winkle, Marissa Nettling and Jocko Sims, of the TNT post-pandemic TNT series The Last Ship were on hand for a panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con talking about what viewers can expect for the currently airing season two.

First of all, Hank Steinberg was asked what was the inspiration behind “The Immunes” who are targeting the Nathan James this season. He shared that the writers got together and talked about the season one villains and thought what would happen if the Nathan James encountered people who did not want the cure; and that was the birth of “The Immunes”.

Of course, the big issue for the crew members of the Nathan James right now in season two is the fact that the men on the submarine are “gunning” (pun somewhat intended) for the Nathan James; and Hank shared that a submarine is like “kryptonite” to a destroyer. And if the sneak peek clip of Sunday’s new episode that was screened at the beginning of the panel is any indication, the Nathan James is going to have one hell of a battle ahead of them.

But then the conversation turned to what the experience has been like for the cast members with Eric Dane quipping that he “likes giving orders”, but he is a bit a fish out of water in terms of having weapons experience while Rhona actually shared that she “should be handling weapons on the show” but she joked that she is the “little lady tied up to the kitchen sink with the little babies”.

When asked what their favorite episode is Adam shared that he loved when Mike “buried the fire axe in the chest” of one of the bad guys in a recent episode while Travis and Marissa joked they like their “action scenes” with each other; but Travis then said that he really enjoyed recently getting to “drive an airboat” in an upcoming episode and Marissa loved “stabbing a guy in the heart with a needle”.

One of the storylines that viewers can look forward to later this season is that Rachel (Rhona’s character) will be a “loose cannon” because they will be going to land in order to distribute the cure and that will “bring up emotions” for her. In fact, “a flip is switched” for her where “she’ll go to places that she shouldn’t” and a “line or two will get crossed”.

Romance won’t be completely off topic either as Burke (Jocko’s character) will get a love interest and the issue of forbidden romance onboard ship will present itself again; but in the new world order for which they now find themselves could very well take that issue off the table.

One storyline that wouldn’t be discussed during the panel, though, was if Adam’s character will learn what happened to his family with Adam stating only that “it could be sad…we’re not sure”. However, when asked if the show will focus on what is going on in the world – not just on the ship – Hank was slightly less mum on the subject, sharing that “there will be allusions to what is going on in the world”.

Everyone on the panel was proud to state that they have the support of the Navy, including the current Secretary of the Navy – who actually made a cameo appearance in the season two premiere; and they all pride themselves on being as true to military practices as possible. In fact, they have advisors on the set with them every day.

A quick sneak peek of what’s to come on The Last Ship aired as the panel came to a close with a reminder that the next new episode will air on TNT this Sunday, July 12 at 9/8c.