Comic Con 2015 Coverage: Amazon’s Hand of God

Hand of God

In the first official panel to kick off Comic Con 2015, the upcoming drama Hand of God, which will debut this fall on Amazon, took to the stage. Cast members Elizabeth McLaughlin (Betrayal), Julian Morris (Once Upon a Time and Pretty Little Liars), Alona Tal (Supernatural and Burn Notice), Emayatzy Corinealdi (Criminal Minds), Garret Dillahunt (Raising Hope) and the one and only Ron Perlman (Beauty and the Beast and Sons of Anarchy) – as well as series creator Ben Watkins – participated in a moderated panel to discuss the series.

Hand of God will focus on the honorable justice Pernell Harris (Perlman), a powerful and corrupt judge who comes apart at the seams in the aftermath of a family tragedy – his grown son attempted suicide. Harris experiences what he believes is a religious epiphany and then he sets out to get vengeance for the heinous crime that caused his son to attempt suicide.

When asked what was the genesis of the show, series creator Ben Watkins said that he “wanted to explore zealotry, how does that change you and how (will) people react to that” sort of behavior. And then the story really started to almost write itself after that.

Then the cast were each asked to talk about their characters with Ron stating that Judge Harris “comes from (a big) heritage; those that are doing well (in the city), are doing so because of him. He has only known how to be a winner, but he’s in the process of losing for the first time…he is flailing at things (trying) to figure out how to win. (What happens with his son) is the judge’s ‘come to Jesus’ moment.”

Garret then shared that his character, who ends up being Judge Harris’ right-hand man has “an anger problem (who) finds the Lord himself, but he keeps failing until he meets Judge Harris. Alona shared that she plays the daughter-in-law of Judge Harris (the wife of his son who attempted suicide) and she “lives in a ripple effect of what’s going on around her… she’s (simply) trying to stay afloat”.

Julian chimed in saying that he plays “an actor turned con man turned preacher” who finds an opportunity in what happens to Judge Harris while Emayatzy plays a “special friend” to Judge Harris, who stands firm in who she is and what she does…she eventually becomes his confidante.” Meanwhile Elizabeth is the right-hand woman to Julian’s character and she goes on “an incredible journey, figuring out who she is, but (it is clear) that Julian’s character is her character’s foundation”.

It should be noted that acclaimed actress Dana Delany (China Beach and Body of Proof) will play the wife of Judge Harris while Andre Royo (Happyish) will play the mayor, who got the job thanks to his connection with Judge Harris.

Some of the more memorable comments made during the panel included:

• “I’m such a lucky guy”, shared Ron Perlman when asked about his lengthy career;
• “He’s the coolest, nicest dude (to work with)”, shared Julian about Ron Perlman;
• The characters are “very real, three-dimensional characters, who are pushed to their absolute brink”, shared Elizabeth.

Viewers can watch the pilot episode of ‘Hand of God’ on Amazon Prime right now and then catch the rest of the debut season on Amazon this fall.