Teen Wolf “Dreamcatchers” Review (Season 5 Episode 3)

We’ve reached that very familiar point in the Teen Wolf season where I am undoubtedly entertained, but in a very real sense, I have NO clue what is happening. This is shaping up to be the show’s most ambitious season yet and I am admittedly skeptical about whether or not all of the early set up will eventually pay off, or at a minimum, make sense.

So Here’s The Rundown . . .

Last week, I joked about the prospect of the writers having the Sheriff date Lydia’s mom and bringing real life couple Linden Ashby and Susan Walters-Ashby together on screen. I had no idea the writers would actually go through with it. All signs seemed to point to Melisa McCall, from the friendship between their sons, their bonding over the supernatural, being kidnapped by the Darach and bonding at lacrosse games.

Sure, there would be some risk with dating Melissa that a cautious guy like the Sheriff may want to avoid. She is, after all, the mother of his son’s best friends and I can appreciate not wanting to disrupt the sanctity of that relationship. However, I’m not exactly convinced that dating the mother of the girl your son was in love with for most of his formative and teen years is that great of an idea either – even if he’s moved on with Malia. I’m largely indifferent towards shipping on Teen Wolf, but I am rooting for the parents to get a little love. It was so tough watching Melissa’s desperation when Peter used her as a pawn to get at Scott. Maybe Mama McCall can spend some quality time outside the hospital with Liam’s dad or Dr. Deaton. Moving on.

The episode started with a nice misdirect with Night Terror Tracy and the jackass in custody who thought it was a good idea to threaten Sheriff Stilinski in front of his entire staff. I assumed that he would be the supernatural threat, considering how self-assured he was in his promise to seek revenge. Tracy also gave us a nice callback to Season 2, the season of the kanima. OH, how I miss Colton Haynes on the show. Sure, Jackson was smug and a bit of a douche, but Jackson gave us campy, over-the-top moments like these:

Most of the episode focused on Scott’s pack trying to track down Tracy and convince her that she was not having a night terror. I have to admit, I kind of lost interest with it all by the time the Dread Doctors finally killed her. Indeed, Tracy’s tale was sad, but let’s be honest – she’s not a character in whom I feel invested. Further, all of the Tracy stuff made the storyline feel convoluted in a way that I do not think will work itself out. I’m not sure who was the controlling force behind Tracy. If it was the Dread Doctors, then why not just use her to go after Scott? That’s what we’ve been led to believe is their goal, right? We saw Gerard and Matt do just fine at using the kanima to advance their causes, so why not do the same now? Theo was also skulking about, so perhaps he knows more about Tracy and the person controlling her. Frankly, I’m just not sure what Theo’s purpose is right now other than to vacillate between sneakiness and smugness.

Other Supernatural Thoughts And Observations . . .

– Nice to see Kira survive a fight without getting hit upside the head. Watching her slice off the tail of the kanima was a pretty great moment. What is everyone thinking about her new special effects?

– It’s nice to know that Braeden still exists somewhere in the Teen Wolf universe. Whether or not we’ll actually see her on screen remains to be seen. I’ve been trying to go into this season spoiler free, including casting information, but I know that when the season began filming Meghan Tandy had not been asked to film any episodes for the show. I’d love to see Braeden again, but I suppose a passing reference is a vast improvement over a character completely disappearing, never to be seen or discussed again.

– Speaking of missing characters, for those of you missing Danny, check out this funny Vine created by Keahu Kahuanui.

– And on the topic of characters I hope do not follow the footsteps of Danny and disappear, Mason is absolutely adorable. I love him being in the inner circle. It’s refreshing to experience things through the perspective of someone who is new to the supernatural happenings in Beacon Hills.

– Guys, if MOUNTAIN ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH cannot contain the supernatural this season, I fear the residents of Beacon Hills are in a world of trouble. And that’s saying a lot for a town that’s already been invaded by a Darach, an Alpha Pack and Peter Hale.

– I’m all for eye candy, but Brett’s shirtless scene felt a little gratuitous – even by Teen Wolf standards.

– I want Liam or Mason falling into a hole to be a new bit that happens every episode.

Until Next Moon Day!

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