Chasing Life “A View from the Ledge” Review (Season 2 Episode 1)


Chasing Life brought all of the drama, intensity and excitement to its second season opener. April made it home after starting chemo and dealing with her family and friends reaction to her and Leo’s plans to marry. Dominic seems sad to see April make plans to get hitched with Natalie taking notice. Meanwhile, Natalie also discovers a big secret their father may have kept about his death.

April’s Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions

As if April’s set back at the end of last season wasn’t enough, we see her get out of the hospital again and learn that she isn’t in remission. Her challenges just keep getting bigger. Rather than pretend her life isn’t changing this time around, April morphs into a carefree version of herself after a rooftop moment with Leo. Their talk was much needed but it is strange to see the new April after watching her struggle in season one to hold on to her job.

Now she plans on focusing on her wedding to Leo. Her plan throws Sara and her grandmother into a tail spin. Sara thinks April will return to her normal self, while Emma is surprisingly freaked out. Usually she is the laid back one. After lunch with Leo’s parents – who are planning an engagement party for the couple – Sara becomes more alarmed and concerned after they make the couple’s marriage seem like a last wish fulfillment for April.

Celebrating April’s New Job

The entire gang getting together to celebrate April’s new job was exciting to see. Leo was definitely jealous and curious when April and Dominic discussed their first date. Just when it looked like these two were completely over each other, there seemed to be some spark between them. And what about April’s dream?

Brenna’s New Friend

Life without Greer feels a little strange, but Brenna seems to be moving on just fine. Her new enrollment in the film club is sure to open up her storyline and allows us to meet some new characters. Brenna also gets a harmless female stalker which has me wondering where their relationship will go.

We also see Brenna’s character evolution continue to take a positive turn as she gets ready to make her stem cell donation. The old Brenna would have been worried about herself, but the new Brenna is concerned about how the donation will turn out for the recipient.

Natalie’s Discovery

After a rough night with Dominic, Natalie stays home to clean up a few boxes she still has from her father’s storage facility. While going through the keepsakes, Natalie discovers a book called Chasing Life. It was written by Thomas Carver and promises to be the story of how he had two separate families and plotted his own death. The discovery leaves Natalie in awe.