My Wish List for the Final Season of Falling Skies

Volm, Cochise, Espheni, Tom, Ben, Dan - Falling Skies

Buckle your seatbelts, Falling Skies fans! The final season has begun, and it looks like it will be an intense ride! Please be warned that I will be discussing the season five premiere episode and my wishes for this final season, so if you have not yet seen the premiere, you might want to come back after you watch it.

Falling Skies is the story of an alien invasion of earth. The ships appear in the skies one day and begin systematically wiping out humanity. As you would expect, the big cities were the first to go. From the beginning, the story follows the family of Tom Mason, formerly a history professor at Boston University. During the initial invasion, his wife is killed and his middle son Ben is kidnapped by the aliens. Tom and his boys join up with a group of resistance fighters who name themselves the Second Massachusetts; a reference to a fighting regiment during the American Revolution.

As with any program, when it ends I wants to feel a sense of closure. When a show knows in advance that it is ending, they should be able to deliver a satisfying finale and tie up loose threads. The biggest criticism I read is when a show ends unexpectedly and is unable to accomplish that.

With that in mind, I would like to lay out my wishes for this final season of Falling Skies. These are the threads I want to see resolved in order to bring a good sense of closure for this show.

Why did the Espheni Invade?

Falling Skies "Find Your Warrior" Season 5 Premiere 2015

Over the course of the series, we have learned more about the Espheni, or Overlords, and their soldiers the Skitters. However, it was not until the fourth season that a reason was revealed for the invasion. According to the Espheni, they were seeking to mine Helium 3 from our moon where it is more abundant than on the earth. Helium 3 is used in fusion reactions. The other reason for the invasion was to enslave humans to help the Espheni in their battle against their enemy.

Now, it may seem that the mystery of why they invaded has been revealed, but viewers have come to expect more in every story, and I am expecting a twist in the Espheni motivation for invasion. What that twist could be I am unsure, but I am hoping for a complete reveal of something more.

What is the Full Story with the Volm?

Cochise, Volm Commander, Tom - Falling Skies

The fact that an alien race is able to build ships and come to our planet gives them an automatic advantage over us since their technology must be more advanced than ours. This makes the struggle of the humans on Falling Skies all the more daunting. Therefore, as in any war with considerably unmatched combatants, it is important to have allies.

The Volm arrived in the nick of time to help humanity in our battle with the Espheni. They have advanced technology, and are motivated by the occupation of their home world by the Espheni, which bodes well for earth. The problem is, and of course there must be a problem, that their fleet is spread thin and when they are called off to defend their young in another star system, earth forces are once again left mostly on their own, with only a few Volm advisors remaining.

The other problem is that the Volm commander wanted to ship all humanity off to relocation camps to keep us safe while they battled the Espheni. Clearly they have no idea how fiercely independent humanity is, and how resistant we are to being shipped off to camps! While I do trust Cochise, I am not sure I completely trust the Volm commander.

Conclusive Ending

Tom - Falling Skies

Whichever way it goes, I want to see the war end. Either the Espheni triumph and all is lost for humanity, or humanity prevails and secures our freedom from the Espheni. Because I prefer a happy ending, you know what I am hoping for.

Of course, those are the two simplistic endings. It is also possible that the writers will come up with a more elaborate and possibly just as satisfying ending! Regardless, I want a conclusive ending, not some nebulous reject.

Aftermath of the War

Tom, Dan - Falling Skies

Should humanity prevail, many times the program or movie ends with the heroes walking off into the sunset. I think we all know by now that war is a horrible event that forces people to make choices that are life changing.

While I am not saying that the characters all need to be shown attending therapy sessions, it would be nice to see that not everyone heads off to a house with a picket fence to continue on as if nothing happened. Rebuilding of our world will not come quickly and will not be easy because of the massive level of destruction on the planet.


How would you like to see things resolved for Falling Skies? What threads are you looking forward to being tied up this season? Let me know in the comments section below!