Teen Wolf “Parasomnia” Review (Season 5 Episode 2)

Moon Day returned sooner than usual this week, as Teen Wolf aired the second half of its two-night premiere last night. After a very ambitious first hour of the season, Parasomnia slowed things down a bit – well slow by Teen Wolf standards.

The episode started off with Tracy, confiding in Lydia’s mom about the challenges of being a teenager in Beacon Hills. It appears that Tracy, understandably for anyone who is aware of the number of murders at her high school and in town, is experiencing night terrors. Once we get a peek inside Tracy’s night terrors, it looks less like Beacon Hills-induced PTSD and more like the mysterious forces we saw in Monday’s episode at play. Curiously, Tracy’s father found her on the floor the next morning next to the chair someone pulled from under her during her dream, suggesting that perhaps some aspects of her nightmare may have actually happened.

Although nothing will ever top the sight of Jackson and the snake from Season 2, I have to say that Tracy vomiting up goop and feathers rated pretty high on the grossed out scale for me.

Thank you Teen Wolf writers for giving me two things I longed for last season – (1) Deaton and (2) Scott not dilly dallying around before going to Deaton to talk about the strange occurrences on Senior Scribe Night. So Deaton didn’t exactly have all the answers, but he certainly dropped a few interesting bits about Liam being the only one able to absorb Scott’s power. Interesting.

We also got some more unique bonding between Stiles and Malia, as he opened up to her about his concerns regarding Theo. In typical Malia fashion, she sticks her foot in her mouth by observing how hot Theo is to Stiles, but puts any insecurity he might have had to rest when she volunteers to torture Theo.

You know what mystery I would love to see Stiles investigate? The mystery of how in fresh hell Scott McCall thought he had any business enrolling in an AP Biology class. I seem to recall one of Scott’s many “I’m going to be a great student” promises a few seasons ago, but these kids spend SO much time in pursuit of supernatural shenanigans, it’s barely believable that they all managed pass the 11th grade. Oh well, I believe in you Scott. You can do it. Maybe. I actually think Scott would make a wonderful veterinarian, but I worry that his True Alpha obligations will make his path to that goal very difficult.

I suppose I should feel happy for Scott and Kira, as they got to make out without winding up in peril, but you know what makes you feel smarter than a reassuring kiss? Studying and getting a good grade on your AP Biology exam!

It was nice to see Mason in last night’s episode. I was a little worried that he might have gone the way of Danny. Yes, I’m still bitter about that. I guess if we never see Mason again, at least we will not have to question if he knows the truth about Liam. Gold star to the Teen Wolf writers for not unnecessarily delaying that revelation. As Mason checked out soccer players and Liam dealt with an annoying girl from his past who described herself as “vengeful,” Lydia stumbled upon Tracy during a day terror? hallucination? What are we calling these psychological events?

Overall, I thought Parasomnia was a much stronger episode. We continued to get communication across members of the Scooby gang – both official and ancillary. There was also a sense of urgency among the characters that has been sorely lacking in past seasons. Although I still feel completely in the dark about what the big bad/big mystery is this season, I like some of the more obvious foundation building that the writers are doing with what looks like might be an eventual rift between Scott and Stiles. I love the two as friends and they are the most important pairing to the show for me, but the series has been pretty good at consistently demonstrating how different the two are in their world views.

Random Observation: It is clear from the first two episodes of the season that the writers are fully committed to pairing Lydia and Parrish. I’m indifferent to the pairing, but I hope that this is not a sign that we will spend most of the season watching Lydia separated from the core group again.

Second Lydia-Related Observation: Why not just graduate early? I’m sure they’d give you your diploma and let you participate in the ceremony with your friends. I want her to spend her spare time doing more exciting things than staring at a record player.

Until Next Moon Day!

What did you think of the episode? Which of these dark storylines will end up being a complete misdirect – Theo or the Doctors? Is this the season we finally see the Sheriff dating Mama McCall? Or will the show go all meta on us and have the Sheriff date Lydia’s mom? Taking off the ring is a pretty big deal.

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