Melissa & Joey “The Parent Trap” Season 4 Episode 17

Melissa & Joey “The Parent Trap” Season 4 Episode 17 airs Wednesday July 1st (8:00 – 8:30 PM ET/PT). In tonight’s episode, Mel tries to convince Joe to talk Gloria (guest star Faith Prinz) into drawing up a will, but Joe chickens out. So Mel invites Russell (guest star Christopher Rich) to come talk to her. Gloria is offended, but Russell soon charms her—a little too well for Mel’s liking. Meanwhile, Lennox and Zander try to just be “friends with benefits.“

Show Summary: “Melissa & Joey,” the hit comedy starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence, will return with all-new episodes in January 15, 2014.

Melissa Joan Hart plays Mel, a local politician raising her niece Lennox (Taylor Spreitler) and nephew Ryder (Nick Robinson) with the help of Joe, a financial whiz who took the job of running Mel’s household after Mel’s sister caused him to unfairly lose his job in a business scandal.

This season, now that the kids are grown and independent, Mel and Joe must decide where they stand both personally and professionally.