Teen Wolf Season 5 Premiere Review “Creatures of the Night” (Season 5 Episode 1)

Welcome back, Teen Wolf fans! The series returned last night with what might have been its most ambitious season premiere yet. Like most Teen Wolf season premieres, I have no idea what is happening or what to expect this season, but the episode was certainly entertaining. For a show that is notorious for plot holes and storylines that often go nowhere, I was a little concerned about the choice to use flashbacks/flash forwards in the premiere, but it served its purpose in building suspense, particularly at the end.

Lesson (Not) Learned

The episode kicked off with Lydia, who appeared to be in a catatonic state at the Eichen House. Lydia finds herself alone with a nurse in what I’m guessing is the Eichen House wing for the supernatural and unexplained. The scene that followed was gross and creepy in all the wrong ways! I understand that the Teen Wolf show runners have invested in the Eichen House set and as such, want to continue using it. However, the location serves as a reminder of some of the things I’ve liked the least in the entire series. The show added to that last night with the exchange between Lydia and the nurse that raised issues of consent, had a disturbing sexual undertone and continued to perpetuate negative stereotypes about mental health institutions. The writers have not taken heed to any of the critiques about the show’s use of Eichen House and I suppose that’s their prerogative. Moving on.

There were at least a few good bits from the Eichen House scenes. It was a nice change of pace to see Lydia using a combination of her banshee screaming abilities with a few kick ass moves. Here’s hoping we get to see more of that this season. I also hope that we will not get a repeat of Season 4, in which we frequently saw Lydia separated from the main action and the group. We also got a fun cameo from Aiden, who appeared as one of Lydia’s nurses while she was distressed. And oh yeah, all of Lydia’s friends are going to die. Cheer up, Lydia. This is Teen Wolf, so you might lose a friend or two, but you won’t lose them all.

Senior Year At Beacon Hills High

The episode then moved back in time to the start of school year, which also marks senior year for Scott and the rest of the pack. I guess the writers heard some of the complaints about Malia’s social promotion and decided to point out that she had to attend summer school and take special testing in order to be placed in the Beacon Hills senior class. Although I commend the writers for the effort, I cannot imagine there were many at home watching that thought for one second that Malia would not catch a break and gain her senior status. After all, we know that the writers will want Malia included in the 3 or 4 times we actually see the characters taking a class or doing actual school work. Anyone taking bets on whether the class will be taught by a teacher who will either be (1) killed or (2) tangentially involved in the schemes of this season’s “big bad?”

We find Scott and Stiles enjoying a lovely full moon with Liam chained up to a tree nearby. We heard about Deaton’s lesson about the regression to the mean, in which things are good, but not great. With all due respect to Scott and his pack, good seems like a pretty outcome for the gang after watching four seasons of really bad things happening in Beacon Hills.

Things That Go Bump In The Night

We also checked in with Parrish and Sheriff Stilinski. Parrish wants to do more than desk work, so Stilinski sends him out to look into a noise complaint. Of course, a noise complaint is never just a few kids listening to loud music in Beacon Hills. Parrish is met by another supernatural creature that looked like a werewolf covered in dark goop. I’m going to refer to him as Goop. Unsurprisingly, Goop is looking for Scott McCall and I’m having a bad case of deja vu, as I recall this same “in search of Scott McCall” song and dance from previous seasons.

Goop attacks Parrish and until a bit of eye glowing and healing, it looked as though Parrish’s chest was on fire after Goop’s attack.

Remember Me?

After wasting spending all of season 4 watching having Malia introduced as Peter’s daughter and not a single reference to her adopted (?) father, Mr. Tate is back. And yes, to those who follow behind the scenes info, the show could not get the actor who played Mr. Tate on contract last season. I’m not convinced that excuses or justifies not even making a reference to him in passing last season.

We also got what I thought was a long overdue reminder that although Scott may be Liam’s wolf daddy, Liam actually had a loving, caring stepfather who worked at Beacon Hills hospital with Melissa. We also got our first reference to Derek last night, as Scott mentioned to Liam that Derek had once said that Liam was one of the strongest wolves he’d seen at his age. I will definitely miss Tyler Hoechlin this season, but if the writers could come up with nothing but man pain driven storylines for Derek, I think the show is better off without him.

I don’t expect these parents to be as central to the action as Melissa and the Sheriff, but it’s nice to get a reminder that they still exist somewhere in the Teen Wolf universe.

Senior Traditions

The “flashback” centered on Scott’s Scooby gang reuniting at the library to carry out the “Senior Scribe” tradition. We learned that Kira spent the summer break in New York. Based on the kissing they did upon reuniting, I think it’s safe to say that Scott should not worry if Kira’s idea of fun over the summer was spending time with another guy.

Random observation: Was anyone else slightly peeved that Scott overlooked all of the weird things happening at his home in order to meet up with Kira?

As Kira waited for Scott to shrug off the magnets falling off the fridge, the clock going crazy and the note he left for his mother, which looks like it’s been mishandled by something, not someone, we got a bit of exposition/set-up for the season. We heard about the legend of the freakish storm in which ghost riders go on The Wild Hunt, appearing in storm clouds on black hourses in search of souls. (Sarcastic) Yaaaay. More supernaturals interested in souls.

I found it refreshing to discover that someone spends their spare time studying the bestiary. Thank you, Sheriff Stilinski! And kudos to Parrish for actually sharing information about Goop with the sheriff and Melissa in a timely fashion.

Goop catches up to Scott and interrupts his heavy petting with Kira. Why do bad things always happen when these two enjoy a little smooching? We get another action sequence as Goop attacks Scott and Kira tries to lend a hand with her bad ass belt-sword. I want one of those.

Another random observation: Why did everyone else stand around and watch as Goop appeared to get the upper hand on Scott? I guess the writers wanted to give Scott a melodramatic moment to recover and rally, which he did. The eyes go red, Goop loses his talons and Scott cordially invites him to have leave or lose another body part. I know I am in the minority, but I wish this season would finally put Scott in a position where he has to kill for the greater good and does not have to take a back seat and let someone else like Derek or Deucalian do the deed.

We also met a new character, Theo, who was a friend of Stiles and Scott when they were in the fourth grade. Did anyone else catch the looks exchanged between Kira and Theo?

The entire Scooby gang is finally reunited and they head over to the library to scribble their initials in books, hence the Senior Scribe tradition. I’m not sure how riveting that was as a tradition, but it did create a sweet moment in which someone finally remembered that Allison Argent was a strong, beautiful girl who used to be part of the Scooby pack until she was cut down by a different set of supernatural figures fixated on souls. And yes, I’m still bitter about the show’s treatment, or lack thereof, of Allison’s death last season. Was this a moment of reflection designed to shut up the complainers like me or was the mention of Allison a foreshadowing of things to come? The Teen Wolf writers love bringing back a dead character, instead of wrapping up storylines with the living ones, so perhaps we will get a visit from Allison or Victoria this season. Friendly reminder – Gerard Argent, one of the most vile characters on the show, still lives. Ugh.

Until Next Moon Day!

What did you think of the Teen Wolf premiere? Do you have any predictions for this season? Sound off below!