Five Reasons to Like Killjoys

Dutch, John, D'Avin, Lucy - Killjoys

Spoiler alert – I will be discussing the premiere episode of Killjoys, so if you have not seen it, you may want to come back later if you are spoiler sensitive.

Killjoys is a new program that premiered last Friday on Syfy. The setting is a planetary system known as the Quad, in the J Star Cluster. The Quad consists of a dwarf planet and its three moons. The dwarf planet Qresh was originally the only inhabited body in The Quad. However, as the population grew and the need for resources became greater, The Company began harvesting resources on Westerley, the largest of the three moons. Westerley is now an industrial site where the lowest economic class of The Quad lives and life is gritty. It is also the place the main characters call home.

Leith was the second moon to be colonized, and is also the nearest moon to Qresh. The people there are not high born enough to live on Qresh, but the jobs are respectable such as farming and merchants. Leith is a peaceful place with no tolerance for crime. The final moon, Arkyn is shrouded in mystery. It was the first moon The Company tried to colonize, but something went wrong, and little is known about it.

The large disparity in lifestyles is leading to the awakening of a revolution against the ruling class and The Company, which is controlled by the “The Nine,” the wealthy families in charge.

In the meantime, there is the RAC (Reclamation Apprehension Coalition) which employs the bounty hunters or Reclamation Agents as they prefer to be called. They operate as a separate authority from The Company to capture criminals across all jurisdictions. They work under their own rules and regulations, and the bounty hunters must renounce any citizenship in order to work for them. As such, they are not bound by any local rules, and locals may not interfere with their enforcement of a warrant.

The Elephant in the Room


If you have read anything about Killjoys, then you probably know that some people are comparing it to Firefly. I happen to love Firefly and continue to mourn its fleeting duration of one season and a movie. So, when I read that this program was similar, I must admit I to begin very curious about it. And, while I like Killjoys so far, it is not Firefly. Not that there is anything wrong with that – I think it good for it to be its own show!

Oh, yes, there are some similarities. Killjoys has The Company and Firefly had The Alliance, both oppressive government systems. Allocation of resources is very uneven, with the upper class living the good life with unlimited access to what they need and the lower classes struggling to live. The main characters live on the fringes of society. Oh, and both shows have a great sense of humor. However, that is where the similarities end.

On Killjoys, the three main characters, Dutch, John and D’Avin work for the RAC, and as such are bound by their rules and follow their code. Mal and his crew were totally independent and while they had a code, it was of their own making, reflecting their own sensibilities. The world of Killjoys is much grittier and more reminiscent of Blade Runner and there is no western feel as there was with Firefly. And, the fourth character in Killjoys is the ship, Lucy, run by an AI who can be serious or funny, but is always there to help in a pinch!

Snarky Humor

Lucy - Killjoys

I have said it before, but I truly do love snark. Killjoys has a good balance of serious action and snarky comebacks and comments to keep the tone light. The main snark comes from John, Dutch’s second in command. He just can’t keep himself from talking back, even when being painfully interrogated.

As I mentioned above, Lucy is also snarky, and actually her favorite crew member is John, so it really does make sense when you think about it!

Back in Space

The Quad - Killjoys

It is nice to be back in space! I get it that space based programs are expensive to produce, so we have not exactly had an abundance of them recently. But, as a huge sci-fi fan, my favorite stories have always involved space travel of some kind. A ship, some interesting people and an adventure in a galaxy far, far away – does it get any better?

Whether or not we will see any space based fighting remains to be seen, but for now I am content with some planetary flybys and being back inside a spaceship!

Action Packed

John and D'Avin - Killjoys

I have only seen the first episode, but from the starting gate there has been plenty of action. In fact, most of the first episode involved action oriented sequences that were well choreographed. The main characters are skilled fighters and their line of work is highly dangerous. Add in the fact that at least two of the main characters have mysterious pasts, and I expect to see many fight scenes in this program.

Aaron Ashmore

cast of Killjoys

Ok, so this really is a personal preference of mine, but I happen to really like Aaron Ashmore. I thought he did a really good job as Steve Jinks on Warehouse 13, which I really miss by the way, but I digress.

His character on Killjoys is very different than Steve, however. Steve was very straight laced and serious, but John is full of wisecracks and fun loving. John is adorable and tough at the same time. As an added bonus, I will be seeing Aaron live at a convention I will be attending this summer, a fact that makes this all the more exciting!

Beyond my like for Aaron is the fact that I think the three main characters also have good screen chemistry and I enjoy watching them interact.


Have you seen Killjoys? What do you think? Are you enjoying it, and excited to see how the characters and program develops? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!