‘Beauty And the Beast’ (Season 3): It’s a Whole New World

Beauty and the Beast season 3 premiere

It’s a whole new world for Vincent Keller and Catherine Chandler in the third season of the fan-favorite series Beauty And the Beast. The show finally returned for its summer run on The CW a few weeks ago, finding the lovebirds, finally, together as a legitimate couple – out in the open and free to pursue their lives.

That is except for one big problem: there are people across the city with superhuman powers.

Oh wait, there are a few other problems, or to be more specific, obstacles that have planted themselves firmly in the way of Vincent and Cat’s happy, normal live together in the Big Apple. For one, they got engaged and Cat’s newly-single and recently-unengaged sister Heather is trying to live out her wedding for her big sister. Big mistake!

And there is Vincent’s best friend JT, who was saved with a “miracle cure”, of sorts, by a rogue group of the government, who wants Vincent and Cat to help them with these new superhumans. If it wasn’t bad enough to have Muirfield on Vincent’s coattails for so many years, now he and Cat (and by association JT and Tess, who – I might add – are a couple) have to deal with these superhumans not to mention what this supposed cure may or may not have done to JT.

Which brings us to yet another problem (obstacle) for Vincent and Cat. What is JT? Is he a superhuman? Will he eventually become superhuman and just as dangerous as the people that Vincent and Cat were learning about from the now-deceased government agents? Will he become a new, more deadly version of the Beast for which Vincent was created? So many questions, right?

It’s enough to make a viewer’s head spin, but I can only imagine how it must be for Vincent and Catherine. They are so desperately trying to have a normal live, getting to enjoy being a couple without any bogeymen hiding around the next corner, only to be pulled back into one melee after another because of these superhumans.

And with the introduction of Bob and Carol – supposed agents from Homeland Security, who were anything but – one has to wonder just who or what is behind all of these superhumans and who or whatever that person or group is, what will they do about Vincent now that Bob and Carol both know about his beast-side? We’ve already seen Bob taking aim at Catherine with his long-range rifle before his wife Carol told him to back-off. There is nothing about that situation that is going to be good for the newly-minted couple.

What do you think about the third season of ‘Beauty And the Beast’ so far? Do you like that Vincent and Cat are engaged, living together and trying valiantly to have a normal life? Do you like that JT and Tess are a couple? How about Tess becoming a Captain? How do you think that will affect her and Cat’s professional (and private) lives? Will it change Tess? And, who or what do you think is behind all of these superhumans? Let’s just hope that it’s not Muirfield 2.0.

The next new episode of the third season of ‘Beauty And the Beast’ will air Wednesday, July 2 at 8/7c on The CW.