Beauty And The Beast “Bob & Carol, Vin & Cat” Review (Season 3 Episode 3)

Beauty and the Beast season 3 premiere

The latest episode of Beauty and the Beast was a bit cliché, but still managed to entertain as Cat and Vincent teamed up with another couple for the superhuman case. After a romantic engagement, we saw the two try and make time for one another. Hoping to have a night alone with Vincent, Cat dims the lights, pours some wine and waits for his arrival. When Vincent finally makes it home, he’s tired and can’t keep his eyes open. He doesn’t want to talk about the wedding or anything. Cat agrees. Cue the cliché! While kissing with Cat on the couch, he passes out cold, snoring in her face.

The next day, Vincent wakes up startled by Heather realizing what he had done to Cat the night before. Meanwhile, we see Tess and Cat determined to hang on to the case of Agent Thomas after the Department of Homeland Security shows up ready to take over. Not only are they irritated that the DHS is stepping on their toes, but they are determined to keep the super human ordeal quiet. While all of this is going down, Vincent is plotting with Heather to make Cat happy when it comes to their upcoming wedding. His solution – replicate Heather’s canceled wedding which is detailed in a very thick binder. Not something most ladies would go for, but Cat’s life is crazy so she agrees as long as there is no “pink, no lace and no frilly flowers!”

We don’t find out right away however, because Cat and Vincent are busy trying to put the super human case to bed alongside DHS agents Bob & Carol. It’s like watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith in double vision. JT is also dealing with the supernatural as he continues to contemplate how he survived. Tess humored the situation at first, but after finding his research, his issues become more serious. Putting all of this aside, Cat, Vincent, Tess and JT team up after discovering that Bob and Carol aren’t who they say they are.

In the end, Cat decides that taking over Heather’s wedding plans isn’t for her whole JT finds out that he could be right about having super human powers!