Pretty Little Liars “Don’t Look Now” Review (Season 6 Episode 4)


On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” the girls went back into detective mode to get the lowdown on Charles while their significant others went nuts try to keep track of them, in “Don’t Look Now.” But guess who doesn’t need help knowing where the girls are at all times? You guessed it- “A.”

We began with the news that- according to Ali’s dad, at least- Charles was dead. Apparently, he was a troubled young child that got so unmanageable that his parents had him committed to Radley to deal with him. Indeed, a drunken Kenneth later admitted that Charles even went so far as to try and drown an 11 month-year-old Ali in scalding water when he was a mere toddler. Yikes!

Jason also recalled that he once went over to his late aunt’s house to hide out after his attack in the elevator and ran across his mother (a returning Andrea Parker) cleaning up around the house. It seems that she refused to let him stay there, but why? Jason thought that maybe he heard someone rustling around the house behind her, but she flatly denied it as the old reliable excuse “the wind.”

After the girls snuck into a warehouse containing old Radley files and tracked down Charles’ old records, they discovered that Charles’ only visitors were his mother and aunt, so Jason, Ali, Spencer and Hanna went there to explore, at first finding nothing until Jason discovered an actual gravestone in the yard for Charles himself, even though Kenneth claimed not only was there no funeral for Charles, but that his body was cremated and scattered in a lake by his mother.

Hanna understandably wanted to dig up the body to be sure, but Ali and Jason wouldn’t have it and stopped her, pointing out that the foliage around the stone was advanced enough that it couldn’t just be a prop set up by “A” to trick them- it was the real deal. My guess is that Hanna will be back to dig that sucker up anyway, just to be safe, and I can’t say I blame her. What’s a little grave-digging to be safe after all the girls have been through? Besides, it’s not like it’s in a graveyard- it’s in someone’s freaking lawn! Is that even legal?

Anyway, if Kenneth’s story is to be believed, Charles committed suicide at 16, while he was still interred at Radley. So, if that’s true and Charles is really dead, then that means someone is looking to avenge his death. As Spencer pointed out, this whole ordeal was kept way under wraps, which means that, outside of the family, no one but those at Radley at the time knew about it. That means, if true, then the culprit is almost certainly someone who got close to Charles while he was at Radley.

In keeping with my renewed theory from last week that Cece is “A,” then we know for certain that Cece was definitely at Radley at one point that we know of- she once posed as Ali, which in turn led to Mrs. D. going there to retrieve her, only to discover it was actually Cece posing as Ali. Now, why would Cece do that in the first place? Maybe to visit someone she knew incognito, perhaps? Like a certain Charles?

Granted, I’m a bit fuzzy about the timeline of that particular event, but if it happened some time ago, and we know that both Cece and Charles are older than Ali, it would seem like it could line up, at least. If I’m wrong, by all means, tell me, but I think it makes perfect sense, lending further credence to my theory Cece is “A.” Taking all that into consideration, if Charles really did kill himself via taking pills, then maybe that’s what set Cece off, and what made her start plotting to take out Ali (Charles also could have fueled that fire through his hatred/jealousy of Ali before he died) and later, torment all of her loved ones.

It would also explain why Cece/ “A” helped Toby try to find out what happened to his mother- remember, she also supposedly committed suicide at Radley by jumping off the roof. Or maybe Charles and/or “A” killed her because she saw something she shouldn’t have and Mrs. D. helped cover it up, and “A” felt guilty about it, given the circumstances of Charles’ own death.

Other stuff that went down: Spencer’s anxiety and lack of sleep led her to dumpster dive for Aria’s discarded pills to no avail, then procure some pot-laced goodies from Ezra’s new stoner cook Sabrina (Lulu Brud, the “Entourage” movie), which Ezra caught her doing. Spencer also kept having flashbacks from the Dollhouse in which she woke up covered in blood, locked in her room, with no memory of what had happened at all. Was it another of “A”’s mind-games or did she actually hurt someone?

The guys and parents (for once) were all over the girls this episode, with Hanna in particular reaching her limit with Caleb and telling him to back off. On the other hand, there was a touching moment between Aria and her father, in which she finally cried and admitted that “A” had recreated her room in the Dollhouse, which is why she was somewhat avoiding it.

Although she didn’t fare much better in the darkroom she visited, where “A” or one of his minions put a wedge under the door and locked her inside, with a note saying “You’re my doll, bitch” on it, which in turn gave her flashbacks to the time “A” wanted her to dye her hair pink for some reason or he/she would cut all her hair off.

Aria refused at first, and “A” cut her hair short- shades of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” there- which explains that development for those wondering how Aria managed to get a new ‘do under those circumstances. As to what she did while her hair was pink and why “A” wanted her to do it in the first place, that remains to be seen. Clearly, the show isn’t done unpacking what happened to the girls in the Dollhouse, though. We also met another possible minion at the darkroom locale, Clark (Titus Makin Jr., “Glee”), who freed Aria from the room- or did he put the wedge in the door in the first place?

Finally, Sara continued to suffer from PTSD, disappearing at one point and ending up on the roof of Emily’s house, then again to go home, where she claimed that her mother wasn’t any more welcoming than she had been before. She finally went back to Emily’s, and the two went to the local community pool for a night swim, which is always a good idea when a fruitcake is out there still stalking you.

Ah, but as we discovered, “A” knew exactly where all the girls were at all times, as it turns out, having apparently installed tracking devices seemingly inside them, which might account for what happened in that scene where they woke up in the morgue-type room under sheets after having been unconscious for some time. It’s worth adding, though, that “A” did not appear to have installed such a device in Sara- maybe because he/she didn’t need to? Because Sara is a minion? Or possibly because “A” doesn’t care about her anymore, but you never know.

That was about it, but all in all, a decent episode. I’m with Hanna in suspecting there’s more to the whole Charles thing, but I suspect she will be doing a little more investigating into that next week. Also, as we see in the preview, Mona will be back, finally! Can’t wait for that- we need Mona on the case of all this insanity.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars”? Do you agree with my “Cece is ‘A’” theory? Do you think Charles is really dead? Is Sara working for “A”? How about Clark? Or even Sabrina, the stoner witch? Why do these girls continue to go places alone, and why do they refuse to be accompanied anywhere, when it’s for their own good? What will Mona bring to the table next week? Sound off down below and see you next week!