The Fosters “Deja Vu” Review (Season 3, Episode 3)


As the title of the latest episode of The Fosters states it’s a bit of déjà vu for the Adams Foster family with new foster kid AJ in the house, albeit (supposedly) temporary while Mike gets his foster paperwork all completed and approved.

The problem with this new addition, though, is that both Brandon and Callie are concerned about whether AJ can be trusted; and if his taking that old baseball from Brandon’s room is any indication, well let’s say that seemed to have cemented Brandon’s opinion of AJ. Callie, on the other hand, might be softening up to AJ just a little because she sees a lot of what she went through when she first joined the Adams Foster family.

But the real question is will the outcome of AJ being a part of the Adams Foster family, for however short or long that ends up being, will follow the same trajectory as Callie and her brother Jude, or will it create even more upheaval.

I have to say that I think deep down AJ is a good kid, who was dealt a bad hand when his grandmother was put into a nursing home because of her Alzheimer’s and he and his brother were separated by the system. I just wonder, much like Brandon and Callie, how far he can be trusted given his propensity to not only run but how obsessed he is with finding his brother. And, for that matter, if his brother is found, will he be any better?

Elsewhere in the show, Mariana got a job (shocker I know!), but it’s at her biological grandparents’ bakery, working alongside her cousin Adriana. I can’t really imagine that she would be hired anywhere else, but that’s just my opinion. That being said, though, she did display initiative in convincing her “old-school” grandpa to move forward with a specialty item – called a churronut (a churro crossed with a donut) – in an attempt to bring more patrons into the family’s struggling bakery.

This episode, to me, felt a bit like a cheap ‘filler’ for the reveals that are coming down the pike specifically Mariana having to tell the truth about sleeping with Wyatt; Lena coming clean about her boss Monte trying to kiss her and Callie telling her moms the truth about being fired from her job at the youth center.

When those truths are revealed (and it sure looked like at least one of those is going to happen next week), the s*it is definitely going to hit the fan in the Adams Foster household; and it’s not going to be pretty.

Also, I have to say that Callie has a pretty great idea for that new app “Fost and Found”, but will Mariana really have time to help her make it a reality; and for that matter, I wonder if there really is some kind of app like that already in existence? If not, how much you want to bet that we’ll be seeing one very soon.

The next new episode of ‘The Fosters’ will air on ABC Family on Monday, June 29 at 8/7c.

Teri Polo as Stef
Sherri Saum as Lena
Maia Mitchell as Callie
David Lambert as Brandon
Cierra Ramirez as Mariana
Hayden Byerly as Jude
Danny Nucci as Mike Foster

Guest stars:
Gavin MacIntosh as Connor
Tom Williamson as AJ
Tony Plana as Mariana’s grandfather Victor
Annika Marks as Monte Porter
Suzanne Carter as Jenna
Yvette Monreal as Adriana Gutirrez
Jeff Williams as Mr. Keating