‘Orphan Black’ (Season 3): The Original

Orphan Black History Yet to Be Written Season 3 episode 10 7

It all comes back to just one.

In the world of the BBC America cult-favorite TV series Orphan Black, ever since it was discovered that there was more than one Sarah Manning (the incredibly talented Tatiana Maslany) it has been a race to find out how many more of them there are and, most important of all, why the clones were made in the first place.

Then when it was discovered that there was another set of clones – the males known as Project Castor (in comparison to the female clones being known as Project Leda), the race to find out where the clones originated was the primary focus.

Last night’s season finale gave the fans answers to lingering questions such as:

1. Where did the clones come from?

Answer: Of all places, Kendall Malone, the mother of Mrs. S. It would seem Kendall absorbed her male twin before birth, which gave her two cell lines (I can’t even begin to explain, let alone understand, the mechanics of all that) and Ethan Duncan (Rachel’s father) somehow found her and harvested those cells to make the clones.

2. Who has been behind it all?

Answer: The Neolutionists (that crazy group run by Aldous Leekie) have been driving the whole thing and, as it turns out, Rachel’s mother Professor Duncan is part of that group.

3. How did Mrs. S end up with Sarah?

Answer: Her mother Kendall wanted to do one right thing after the clones had been “made”; she had Rachel’s father contact Mrs. S in order to track down the one missing clone (Sarah) because Mrs. S had the connection to track down and Kendall wanted her daughter to have one good part of her in her life.

But with answers to lingering questions comes even more questions:

1. Who shot Delphine in that underground parking lot and why?

2. Why in the hell did Paul have to die (even if it was in the course of saving Sarah’s life)?

3. Can Shay really be trusted or is she a deeply embedded mole for the Neolutionist? After all, Ferdinand’s right-hand man shared that they are everywhere?

4. What the hell was that worm that was inside Dr. Nealon’s mouth? And how will that crazy storyline develop next season?

5. What did Ferdinand do with Dr. Virginia Coady?

What do you think are the answers to these questions?

Needless to say, the third season of the show has had its fair share of ups and downs and twists and turns. What are your opinions on this season? Did you like seeing Helena reunited, albeit briefly, with her boyfriend Jesse? Were you completely shocked when Paul lost his life? Are you happy for Allison in winning school trustee? Do you accept Cosima and Shay as a couple or would you have preferred Cosima being with Delphine? Speaking of Delphine, do you think she’ll survive that gunshot wound? And, how about the reveal of Rachel’s mother being alive?

So many questions yet to be answered. Let’s just hope that when ‘Orphan Black’ returns for a fourth on BBC America that we get some.