Orphan Black “History Yet To Be Written” Season 3 Finale Review


The most disappointing part of this week’s Orphan Black is that it was the season finale. It’s just not fair that we’re going to have to wait a year for new episodes. This is the downside of this era of mini-seasons. There was just too much good stuff jammed into one hour.

The big reveal is that the Neolutions are still around. They’ve fallen by the wayside this season, which was ok with me, but are now back in the picture. This means that we now have three rival factions vying for control of the clone science—the government, Dyad “Topside,” and the Neolutions. The latter is behind the disappearance of Rachel, but its ultimate agenda is still a mystery. It turns out that one of its leaders is Rachel’s supposedly dead mother. That can’t be good.

The finale was all about coming together and forming alliances. Sarah and Mrs. S broker a deal with Topside to share the chimera’s genetic samples in exchange for the neutralization of the Castor group. Mark joins the plot and, hopefully, we find next season that they’re able to cure his illness. It’d be nice to have at least one surviving Castor. It’s unlikely that anyone is going to miss psychotic Rudy, who met his end after a pitiful fight with Helena. At least he goes out with a fantastic final scene—as he bleeds out on the floor, he tries to convince Helena that Leda and Castor are the same. While she shows some compassion, she reminds him that he’s a rapist and the clones are not the same. Helena has done some bad things, so it’s not like she’s saint—remember, she even killed several of her sisters back in the day. It’s an interesting moment to have the two violent clones connecting.

The complexity of family is most prominent in the relationship between Sarah, Mrs. S and her mother. Sarah and all the Leda clones are blood relatives of S courtesy of their “older sestra.” We learn that Sarah ending up with S is no coincidence and it’s a touching, healing moment. It would’ve been brutal if S actually went through with the plan to kill her mother and would’ve irreparably changed our perception of her character. It’s a much better plan to have her mother sent to the hinterlands to stay with Kira and Cal. Through, who knows how Cal is going to feel about that.

This episode is also largely about Delphine. She figures out that Krystal has been put in Rachel’s place and discovers the Neolution plot. It’s beyond disturbing when the doctor tries to spit some kind of worm into her mouth. That’s a bad development. Is this some kind of mind control worm? Is this how the Neolutions infiltrate people? Did it have to be a worm? She knows from that moment that she is marked. She tries to set things right between Cosima and Shay, and says her goodbyes. Delphine is one of the more complex non-clones on the show and I hope that she returns. I think that she probably will because she was shot in the stomach and we didn’t see her die. That’s always a loophole for the person to return. If they really wanted her dead, she would’ve gotten a bullet between the eyes.

I enjoyed the return of Ferdinand and suspect that Dr. Marian Bowles will also return since the mini-clone is with the Neolutions. The big question is whether Rachel is going to drink the Neolution Kool-Aid or whether she will ever be reconciled with her sisters. I don’t like Rachel, but hold out the hope that she will one day be a sestra. I also loved the return of Helena’s tow-truck driving boyfriend. She sure lucked out in the hottie department—especially considering how crazy she is.

The dinner scene was a nice full circle to the beginning of the season and Helena’s dream. It’s always impressive to see how they can bring these characters together and have it look so real. I loved when Alison announced that they were going to have the “ethnic” dessert from Helena. That whole exchange of Helena saying there was no meat in it…this is just what I love about the clones and the show. The exchanges are funny and ring true even though the circumstances are preposterous.

This was an amazingly well done season. Every episode was well crafted and the pacing was greatly improved from the previous seasons. I love these characters—not just the clones. The show finally matches Tatiana Maslany’s talent and hopefully will be recognized during award season.