The Bloodbath That Was Defiance’s Season Three Premiere

Rafe, Quentin, Pilar, Christie, Sthama, Ksaruko, Monguno - Defiance

Spoiler Alert! This article contains spoilers from the season three premiere of Defiance. If you have not yet watched it, proceed with caution!

When I was watching the two hour season three premiere of Defiance this past weekend, I found myself checking more than once to make sure it was not Game of Thrones. Yes, it was almost that bloody. In fact, almost an entire family was wiped out during the premiere!

Now, it is said that no one ever dies in sci-fi. And, Nolan was resurrected from the dead in the season one finale, so who knows if people will stay dead, but the carnage was truly shocking.

On the show The Talking Dead, which airs right after new episodes of The Walking Dead, they always do homage to all the people and walkers that died during the preceding episode. Inspired by that tradition, I would like to do my own homage to the dead from the season premiere of Defiance.

1) Trophies and Hors d’oeuvres

Rafe - Defiance

Let us pause for a moment as we remember the 5-8 people being used as trophies and snacks by General Tak.

General Rahm Tak of the Votanis Collective is truly a ruthless killer. His stated goal is to kill all humans, take their property, their land, their clothes and in fact their skin. Wow, I guess he is the Hannibal Lecter of the Castithans!

Mounted on his vehicle are 5 human heads. And, he appears to have a taste for human ears. I am not sure if he likes any other body parts, but I expect that will come out in future episodes.

2) Flares are Seen by All

Tak's men - Defiance

Lesson one, flares are great, but everyone can see them people! You will not only alert your forces, but also the enemy’s as to your location. Use with care and keep a watch out for hostile forces.

The unfortunate team that was sent to send flares to the Votanis Collective on behalf of Tak was ambushed by Nolan and Irisa. Well, ambushed by Nolan at least who ended up killing them both. Irisa seems to be having some issues with killing at the moment. She needs to get her mojo back or she will not last long in this new, more brutal world of Defiance.

3) Wrong Last Name

Quentin - Defiance

Being born into the McCawley family has become a death sentence on Defiance. Rafe’s oldest son Luke was killed in season one.

Now, at the beginning of season three, three more members of the family were killed within the space of minutes. The first to die was Quentin, killed by Tak when Tak realized that he was Rafe’s son after hearing his full name. Rafe was forced to watch helplessly as he sat tied up in a vehicle.

4) Look Behind You

Tak's guard - Defiance

Don’t you love how guards are always looking the wrong direction? There must be a manual somewhere that all guards are given, and it says “be sure to only look in one direction, and never, ever turn around.”

This poor dude had his back turned to the vehicle where Rafe was sitting. Now granted Rafe was presumably tied up, and who could imagine that Datak would hand Rafe a knife to get free, but still, it is hard to imagine that Tak, aka The Beast, was not a little suspicious of the Tarrs. Once Rafe got free, well, it was lights out for this nameless guard!

5) Work Hazards

Rafe - Defiance

Being the henchman for a villain must have some really good perks, because there never seems to be a shortage of people interested in the gig. However, I think I have discovered the downside of this occupation.

After killing the guard outside, Rafe now had an automatic weapon, and entered Pilar’s house and took out three guards and injured Tak before he was stopped.

6) Blaze of Glory

Rafe - Defiance

While it was sad to see Rafe die, at least he did it in a spectacular fashion, reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde. After entering the house gun blazing, Rafe finally was overcome by the odds and was shot multiple times from multiple directions as Tak’s guards finally got their act together. Farewell Rafe, I will miss you.

7) Mothers’ Sacrifice

Stahma and Christie - Defiance

Unfortunately, one of Tak’s dudes in the house did not read the unseen manual previously mentioned, which surely says “never do a complete search,” and managed to find Christie. On second thought, he did not see baby Luke, so maybe he did read the manual.

When Stahma was forced to choose between Christie and Datak, both mothers did the math and after an exchanged look, Christie made the ultimate sacrifice in order to save her son. Baby Luke and Pilar are now the remaining members of the once semi-large McCawley family!

8) Location, Location, Location!

Pilar - Defiance

This should be another rule of post apocalyptic worlds – never live in a trailer in the middle of nowhere. Eventually, someone will find you and then it will be lights out.

Pilar, Rafe’s wife, is as ruthless as she is crazy. Family is everything for her and she will do whatever it takes to protect them. Unfortunately the couple living in the trailer not far from her place found out the hard way that she is not a person to be toyed with.

9) Don’t Poke the Omec

Monguno - Defiance

It does not pay to be a curious young boy. Granted, Monguno was provoking the Omec by poking into her cell with a rebar rod. And, of course we all knew what was going to happen. But, that does make it any less horrible!

10) Hesitation is Deadly

Ksaruko - Defiance

I have to say I am with Irisa on this one – Nolan did not need to shoot Ksaruko. Yes, Ksaruko was wrong to pick up a gun and start shooting. But, he was distraught over the death of his young son, and Irisa did seem to have talked him down. That made the shot Nolan fired, killing Ksaruko, all the more shocking. Upon reflection, it was probably what they were going for!


Were you as shocked as I was at the bloodiness of the premiere? Do you think this will be a trend for the entire season? Is Syfy going for the Game of Thrones look for Defiance? Sound off in the comments section below!