‘Pretty Little Liars’ (Season 6): Who is Charles DiLaurentis?


The four liars on the ABC Family soap opera Pretty Little Liars learned at the end of last season that “A” – who took them captive after the girls were arrested for their supposed involvement in the death of Mona Vanderwaal – was Charles DiLaurentis. The clues leading to his name had been around the girls for a while (it would seem), but it wasn’t until they were trapped inside that crazy bunker for the pieces to fall into place.

But who is Charles DiLaurentis?

When the show returned a few weeks ago for the start of its sixth season (this show has been on that long?) Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer – as well as the so not dead Mona – had been going through hell at the hand of this demented person. But they were not giving up on escaping their underground prison [and their boyfriends and Allison were not giving up on finding them either].

Once the girls were able to make their escape, straight into the welcoming arms of Ezra, Caleb, Toby and Allison I might add, they (and the Rosewood Police Department) were convinced that Charles DiLaurentis was actually Andrew Campbell, the guy who Aria had just recently started forming an attachment, the guy who had been on the debate team with Spencer for years and a part of their school class for years. The guy they thought had been their friend.

But was Andrew really Charles or was that just an elaborate ruse?

If last night’s new episode is any indication, Andrew is a pawn in this lengthy cat and mouse game just like the girls and he is none too happy about it. That being said, though, all the evidence seemed to point directly to him. The only problems were Andrew had alibis for when Sara Harvey (the other girl found in that creepy-ass bunker where the four liars and Mona had been imprisoned) was abducted as well as when Mona was supposedly murdered.

So the question remains: Who is Charles DiLaurentis?

And there is still some outstanding issues: There is video of another boy with young Jason, Jessica DiLaurentis and baby Allison; there is that hidden photograph that Aria found and there is that imaginary friend of Jason’s who was named Charlie.

There was obviously a young boy (besides Jason) in the DiLaurentis family, but what really happened to him? Daddy DiLaurentis revealed something to Allison and Jason when they grilled him at the end of last night’s episode while a mystery black-hooded person stood just outside their house watching.

So I go back to the same question: Who is Charles DiLaurentis?

Could it really be Andrew? Could he have created this extremely elaborate, costly and complicated cat and mouse game without anyone being the wiser? Or is there someone else at play? And if that is the case, who could it possibly be?

This show has proven that they are good at lying our clues to lead to who “A” could be, freaking out the fans with one reveal after another only to have them be false leads, people acting as decoys for the real “A” or having their own elaborate plans in motion for other reasons (Ezra writing that book about Allison as one example).

But with the show now in its sixth season and the girls graduating from high school in three weeks, I think it’s far past time that the reveals – the real truth – start coming out. What do you fans have to say? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

And remember the next new episode of the sixth season of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ will air on ABC Family on Tuesday, June 23 at 9/8c.