When Calls the Heart “With All My Heart” Review (Season 2, Episode 7)

When Calls The Heart With All My Heart Season 2 Episode 7 (16)

When Calls the Heart came to a close last night with a two-hour season finale containing several moments between Elizabeth Thatcher and Jack Thornton for which the avid fans of the series have been waiting. During a rescue attempt of Jack’s Bassett hound, Rip, who escaped Jack’s office (i.e. the town jail) when Elizabeth inadvertently left the front door hanging wide open just before a big storm rolled through town, the two had a rather harrowing “adventure” at the old mine shaft. They not only sought shelter there from the storm, but it was the last place Rip ran off to during the last storm. It was during this latest escapade that the budding couple finally worked out their trouble, declaring their love for one another.

While I am a fan of the couple, I have to admit that this was a corny way to get the duo alone together and the mine collapse was a typical troupe to draw them together; but at least it had the desired result. They solidified their “coupledom” by kissing in the mine and again at the café once they returned to Hope Valley. The fans had to be happy for those moments; and were undoubtedly even more excited when hearing Jack practice his proposal to Elizabeth in the mirror at the jail.

Unfortunately, Charles Kensington had the same plan [thanks to being spurred on by Elizabeth’s well-meaning but quite obnoxious sister Viola]; and just as Jack arrived to ask Elizabeth – the woman whom he just declared love to and vice versa – he found Charles on bended knee before her extending an engagement ring toward her. Elizabeth’s look of shock combined with the foreboding look on Jack’s face will haunt the fans of this beloved series for quite some especially given the fact that the Hallmark Channel has yet to announce if the series has been given a season three order yet. [Just an aside on that issue: I cannot imagine that the network would be that foolish by not renewing the show when it is actually performing well enough in the ratings combined with the fan support the series has all over.]

Elsewhere in the finale, Bill Avery was like a dog with a bone, not letting the counterfeit case for which he had been working all season long go despite his superiors closing the case. But his efforts to discover who was the top person in charge of the counterfeit ring put him in jeopardy or to be more precise put him behind bars, as Jack was ordered to arrest him.

I knew all along that Bill was not going to be revealed as actually being a bad guy – that he was working undercover – but I didn’t figure on the Mountie superiors to bring the case to a close prematurely. I certainly didn’t expect Bill to be arrested either; but it was a slightly interesting way to bring that storyline to culmination until (hopefully) next season.

In the romance department, Rosemary finally realized that she did have feelings for new business owner Lee Coulter when he began courting Molly Sullivan. That is all well and good, but I have to say that I saw that whole charade coming from the moment Lee looked “longingly” at Molly after being spurned by Rosemary at the schoolhouse/church. But after the trouble that Rosemary created upon her arrival in then-named Coal Valley between Jack and Elizabeth, it was quite enjoyable seeing Rosemary so flummoxed.

And then there is the budding relationship between Abigail and Pastor Frank. I think all of the fans can say that they saw a spark between the two of them nearly from the beginning and while their interactions have been nothing but platonic, it has been pleasant to see their friendship grow. Although given the fact that not only is Gowen looking into Frank’s past (which was obviously not always on the straight and narrow) but also given his revelation to Abigail that he was shot and the obvious apprehension clearly written on Abigail’s face at that reveal, that she could begin to have doubts and concerns.

Overall, the two-hour finale was pleasant viewing, but I have to state that I would be more than happy with the elimination of Elizabeth’s family and getting back to the nitty gritty of Hope Valley life by showing the trials and tribulations (and the good times that can be had) of frontier life rather than jumping back and forth.

What do the fans think about the second season of ‘When Calls the Heart’? What have you liked about the latest season of the show? What have you disliked? What would you like to see when the show is hopefully brought back for a third season? Please share your thoughts below.

Series Leads:
Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thatcher
Daniel Lissing as Jack Thornton
Lori Loughlin as Abigail Stanton
Jack Wagner as Bill Avery

Guest Stars:
Martin Cummins as Henry Gowen
Pascale Hutton as Rosemary LeVeaux
Kavan Smith as Leland “Lee” Coulter
Marcus Rosner as Charles Kensington
Charlotte Hegele as Julie Thatcher
Garwin Sanford as William Thatcher
Lynda Boyd as Grace Thatcher
Devon Weigel as Viola Thatcher
Mark Humphrey as Frank Hogan
Kristina Wagner as Nora Avery
Erica Carroll as Dottie Ramsey
Loretta Walsh as Florence Blakeley
Johannah Newmarch as Molly Sullivan
Michael Soltis as Dirk