Beauty And The Beast “Beast of Wallstreet” Review (Season 3 Episode 1)

Beauty and the Beast season 3 premiere

Beauty and the Beast returned last night on the CW with its season 3 premiere. The episode picked up two months later with Vincent and Cat living together and life back to normal following the death of Gabe. Vincent has even been reinstated at the hospital while Cat is still working side by side with Tess. As for JT, he’s not looking and doing too well, but at least he is alive, right?

After a quick rundown of where everyone is at, Cat’s nerves over waiting for the other shoe to drop becomes a reality when she is approached b the DHS. They want her and Vincent’s help with a problem of the sci-fi kind. While Cat previously told Tess that she misses fighting the supernatural, she doesn’t want to go back and jeopardize Vincent’s life. He’s happy, healthy and out of harm’s way, but the DHS doesn’t care. They think Cat and Vincent owe them one for saving JT, who is now walking with a cane and is clearly not ready to go back to work as a professor. Cat decides to keep Vincent in the dark about the DHS and their demands. We know how this will work out!

On The B Side

Vincent seems to be feeling so content with his life that he going to pop the question to Cat. I didn’t expect this in the premiere! Vincent already has the ring – his mother’s – and he’s ready to propose with a beautiful dinner at a great restaurant until he is called back to the ER where Cat is. There is no way to hide what she’s been up to. Yes, the cat is out of the bag, leaving Vincent so upset he puts the ring away and never asks Cat to marry him.

And just when you think this will end up being one long strung out plotline, Vincent ends up helping Cat with his beast senses. There is no way these two can live a normal life. Just in time for the close of the show we see Vincent get down on one knee and ask Cat the big question. Of course, she says yes!