Orphan Black “Ruthless In Purpose, and Insidious In Method” Review (Season 3 Episode 8)


Orphan Black is finally worthy of the talent of Tatiana Maslany and there is no reason for this show to not start receiving a shower of critical accolades. The first two seasons were rocky and the story often fell short. That is no longer true. This week’s episode demonstrated that Orphan Black is, without a question, one of the best shows on television. Let’s dive in!

We’ve got a new clone, and I love her! Crystal Godrich is the sassy manicurist who was almost abducted by the Castor clones earlier in the season. She reminds me of a less uptight Alison. She comes off as ditzy, but is much smarter than people give her credit for. She knows that something is off and is trying to figure out who and what the Castor clones were. Unfortunately, she’s all fallen into Rachel’s crosshairs and is left in a coma at the end of the episode. I really hope this isn’t the last we see of Crystal, because she seems like a lot of fun.

There’s drama over in the Hendrix house thanks to a couple of new houseguests. Over Donnie’s objections, Helena and Gracie go to live with Alison and work at Bubbles. Felix tries to convince Donnie that Helena is the perfect babysitter, and he’s kind of right. Helena’s childlike attitude endears her to Alison’s kids just as it did to Kira. Helena also works her magic on Donnie in one of the best scenes ever. While making soap, Helena compares Donnie to a baby ox and says that Alison has good taste for choosing a man with meat on his bones. I loved watching Donnie and Helena together and am looking forward to more scenes with them.

Donnie is still bent out of shape that Jason kissed Alison (aka Cosima). He decides to confront Jason and that does not go well. It does give Donnie the best line of the episode, though: “I may be a bitch, but I’m Alison’s bitch.” He still gets the crap beaten out of him. In the preview for next week, it looks like Helena may take things into her own hands and wreak some vengeance on Donnie’s behalf.

Cosima also has her hands full with her former lover, Delphine. In an effort to decode the Island of Dr. Moreau book, she and Scott hatch a plan to break Rachel out of Dyad and give her a new identity. As I’ve been saying, they shouldn’t underestimate Rachel. Not unexpectedly, she out maneuvers them. She arranges with her doctor to have a “seizure,” which results in him putting her in a medically induced coma. Except it isn’t Rachel in the coma, it’s poor Crystal. That means Rachel is on the loose and ready to exact her own revenge against her sestras. It’s hard to root for one of the clones to die, but Rachel is pushing her luck. I want her to embrace her sisters, but at every turn she stabs them in the back.

Turns out, though, that Cosima has even more problems. Besides the fact that her illness has returned, she’s now learned that her new girlfriend, Shay, is some sort of government operative. Of course, we all saw this coming. There’s no way someone so perfect could have just dropped from the sky at the moment Cosima needed companionship. Everyone thinks that Rachel told the Castors about the book, but it had to have been Shay. Thanks to her duplicity, Scott almost lost his super adorable cat to that mad man, Rudy. That alone requires some serious payback.

Things are going to get interesting next week when the gang heads to London to find the original Castor clone. You’d think if Duncan was going to go to all the trouble of hiding that code in the book, it would’ve been something more enlightening than that riddle. It’s going to be fun to see the gang back in their native land.