POLL: Who is Your Favorite Scientist on The Flash?

Barry, Caitlin, Harrison, Cisco, Ronnie - The Flash

I have been writing monthly articles about The Flash since January 2015, and have been thoroughly enjoying the show. Because the season one finale aired on Tuesday night, this will be my last article for the season and I would like to use it to talk about scientists. Spoiler alert – If you have not yet viewed the finale, then you might want to return and read this article after you watch it.

Being a mathematician myself, and married to a scientist, I will readily admit that I have a soft spot for scientists. So much so that my taste in heroes naturally turns to the scientist on a show. As a girl one of my first crushes was on Mr. Spock. He had the added advantage of being an alien…

It is my observation that of the comics based TV shows; most do not feature scientists as the main characters. Instead the scientists are usually peripheral characters or team members, kind of like the medical examiner on a crime procedural show. Of course, there are exceptions, but I am talking in sweeping generalities.

For instance, on Arrow, Oliver Queen is a playboy and *formerly* rich man. It is not clear to me what his source of income is at this point, but I digress. On Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. the main team contains two scientists, but the leader is Phil Coulson, an administrator and government agent in a suit and tie. I don’t watch Gotham, but Bruce Wayne is a rich orphan, and his friend Gordon is a police detective. On Smallville, once he grows up, Superman hides under the alias of a newspaper reporter.

There are other reasons I love this show, but because of the fact scientists are so heavily featured The Flash is one of my favorite shows on TV. Let’s take a look at the scientists featured on this show and then you will be able to vote for your favorite.

Barry Allen

The Flash The Sound and the Fury Episode 11 20

Barry is of course the titular character. An ordinary forensic scientist for the Central City Police, he nonetheless spends a lot of time at S.T.A.R. Labs. I guess it is good that he has super speed or he would never get his real work done!

Not only is Barry a scientist, he also wears his heart on his sleeve, making him just the right amount of caring and vulnerable to seal the deal. Add in his tragic childhood and he is certainly a character we can all adore!

Dr. Caitlin Snow

the flash Fastest Man Alive 102 08

Caitlin specializes in bio-engineering. She is the person they all look to in order to solve any medical issues, and she comes in handy for the occasional stitch or bullet extraction.

But her primary duties focus around keeping The Flash healthy. She figures out when his body is being over stressed and he is in danger of harming himself. And, bonus time, it appears she will become a metahuman in the future! Will this make her an even more perfect match for her now husband Ronnie?

Cisco Ramon

The Flash Who is Harrison Wells Episode 19 12

Cisco is the neek (nerd+geek) on the team, as well as being a brilliant mechanical engineer. Not only is he a scientist, but also a true fan boy with a sharp wit and talent for inventing names for villains and heroes alike. Cisco frequently provides the comic relief on the show, tossing out snarky remarks with ease.

Cisco also is very adept at creating devices and weapons to fight against the evil metahumans. And, double bonus, he too will become a metahuman in the future!

Ronnie Raymond

The Flash Rogue Air Episode 22 16

Ronnie was Caitlin’s fiancé at the beginning of season one, working on the particle accelerator as an engineer, and unfortunately died in the explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs. At least everyone thought he died. As it turns out, he was instead transformed into a metahuman, and merged with another metahuman.

He now has learned to control his powers and separate from the other metahuman and even married Caitlin in the season one finale!

Dr. Harrison Wells

The Flash The Sound and the Fury Episode 11 24

The man we know as Harrison is actually Eobard Thawne, a traveler from the future who took the identity and appearance of Harrison after causing his car to crash. This resulted in the death of the real Harrison. Eobard did this in order to accelerate the creation of The Flash so that he could use Barry’s speed to get back to his own time.

Granted Dr. Wells is an evil scientist, creating S.T.A.R. Labs and the particle accelerator and causing it to overload on purpose in order to create The Flash. But, he is certainly an interesting evil scientist.

Other Scientist

Question Mark

Did I forget any scientists? If so, please vote here and then tell me who I missed in the comments section below!


It is now time for me to vote. My vote has to go to Cisco, since I adore his sense of humor and snarky attitude. Oh, yeah, and his ability to give metahumans amazing names!

Now it is your turn to vote! Be sure to pick your favorite and then tell me about your choice in the comments section below. I love reading what you have to say!