‘Bones’: Will Booth And Brennan Make It Through?

Bones The Big Beef at the Royal Diner

A handful of our favorite TV characters have gone dark side this year; Grimm’s Juliette, Dean of Supernatural, Dr. Harrison Wells. It’s hard to believe Seeley Booth himself would join that list. We’ve heard of Booth’s dark days, but now that he has experienced a slip of with his addiction, gambling, we are seeing it first hand and are faces with someone we don’t recognize. Feeling the same, Brennan kicks out her longtime love after being threatened by a bookie and lied to by Booth.

Some Bones fans may be beside themselves that the Fox show runners have decided to draw a great divide between one of TV’s most beloved couples, but as the saying goes, “you don’t know what you have until its gone.” And this storyline is sure to create some much needed intensity and drama. It’s inevitable that the pair will stay together, but watching how they work through one of Booth’s biggest challenges in life, and how those around them deal, will be interesting, and was in the latest episode entitled “The Woman in the Whirlpool.”

Since their separation, Aubrey is stuck in the middle as Brennan asks him why Booth isn’t answering her calls. When we finally see Booth and Brennan together in the interrogation room, Booth’s long stares at Brennan say it all. He’s going to put the work in to fight his addiction, attend meetings, and get back to his family. But by the looks of it, Brennan isn’t ready to be a family again until she sees Booth in action. Was it not heart breaking to see them share a scene near the elevator where they talk about Booth coming over to read Christine a bedtime story?

There’s only two episodes left until the end of season 10. Will Booth and Brennan get back together by then? Leave your comments below.