Supernatural “Brother’s Keeper” Season 10 Finale 2015 Review – A Dark Twist

Supernatural Brothers Keeper Season 10 Finale 2015 21

In the Supernatural Season 10 Finale, called “Brother’s Keeper,” Sam and Castiel decide that any sacrifice is enough to save Dean, while Dean decides to take another route to cure him of the Mark.

Love Found, Love Lost

When I saw Castiel summoning Crowley in the preview, I have to admit that I didn’t think it meant that the King of Hell would get involved in Rowena’s spell. I sort of thought Castiel had gone off on his own and enlisted Crowley because he didn’t think Sam’s plan to use Rowena would work. Then we saw what kinds of items were needed for the spell and calling Crowley made a lot of sense. But how could he conjure up someone that she loved when the only person she ever loved was dead?

Ah, clever Crowley. Of course he would know that her former love was still around. I knew Rowena was heartless so I wasn’t exactly shocked when she took out the poor guy. What I couldn’t figure out is exactly what she would get for it. Then I saw her power with that book and I knew some serious stuff was about to go down.

The Greater Good

While Sam, Rowena, Castiel and Crowley were all working on one method to rid Dean of the Mark, Dean went in a completely different direction. Even with the previews and countless people hinting and predicting that Dean was going to kill Sam, I just couldn’t believe that it would happen. I couldn’t believe that Dean, no matter how much the Mark of Cain was influencing him, would go so far as to kill his brother.

Then Dean summoned Death and they asked Sam to sacrifice himself for the greater good. The really frightening part about that conversation was that it wasn’t the first time we’ve heard it on this show. How many times have the boys agreed to sacrifice themselves to save the world, or heck, to save each other? But somehow when it was one brother asking another to kill himself, it just seemed wrong. Very, very wrong.

I could barely comprehend what I was seeing, but way back in the depths of my mind I had this teeny, tiny inkling that maybe what Dean was doing and saying was all an act. I thought, “What if Dean takes the Scythe and tries to kill Death?” I thought it, but the harder Dean beat Sam and the more hopeless it all seemed, the more I thought I couldn’t possibly be right.

Death Takes a Holiday

Then Dean did exactly what I thought and I still didn’t know what to think. Thanks to Rowena’s spell working and everything that followed, I still don’t know what exactly happened. We saw Dean kill Death but he still had the Mark. Then, Rowena’s spell took hold and he lost it. Then the Darkness was released and came after Sam and Dean. Meanwhile, Rowena had taken off with her precious Book and used her mega powers to sic Castiel on Crowley like some sort of rabid Hellhound (or would that be HeavenHound?).

Season 11: What’s Next?

Since Dean killed Death, does that mean he has to take the Scythe now? We know that someone must reap souls or there will be no balance in the world. Seeing Dean lose control the Mark this season was hard enough, can we handle him as Death next season? If Crowley somehow manages to escape Castiel and survive, will Castiel still be under Rowena’s power? What kind of evilness will come from the Darkness and how will it manifest itself? Will it inhabit a person or millions of people?

Those are just a few of the questions rolling around in my head. Fall has never seemed so far away.

My favorite bits:

Dean trying to tell himself he was good. Broke my damn heart.

The look on Sam’s face when he found out what the first two ingredients were for the spell.

Deciding I was ready to say goodbye to this Dean once and for all when he got Rudy killed.

Crowley: “Couldn’t you call?”
Castiel: “You’re not in my contacts list.” – Laughed. Out. Loud.

The way Castiel reluctantly said “King.”

Thinking those three words: “She’s all yours” were about the worst thing Dean could say to Sam.

Not being able to decide what shocked me most: Dean asking Death to kill him or the fact that he’s apparently an accomplished chef.

Dean: “I’ve got no moves left, except you.”

“Brother, I’m done.” – I literally whimpered at that line.

Dean: “The Darkness.”
Sam: “What is that?”
Dean: “What does it sound like? Does it sound like a good thing?” – Gotta love this show for giving us a lighter moment to break the tension.

Dean and Death trying to talk Sam into killing himself for the greater good. I think my brain shut down during that scene.

Even beaten and bloody, Sam refusing to say that Dean was anything but good.

Death handing Dean that Scythe.

Sam asking Dean to take the photos so that he could remember someday what it was to be good. What it was to be loved. I can’t. I just can’t.

Dean: “You okay?”
Sam: “I’ll live. You?”
Dean: “Fantastic. I think I just killed Death.”

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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