The Following “Dead or Alive” Review (Season 3 Episode 14)

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On the first of two back-to-back episodes of “The Following”– which served as both the season and series finale- while Mike fought for his life in the hospital, Ryan and the FBI team frantically searched for Theo and Daisy, and the latter planned their next nefarious moves, in “Dead or Alive.” But who would be left standing at the no doubt bloody end?

We began where we left off, with Mike being carted into the hospital as an emotionally wrecked Max looked on in horror. Ryan came in to show his support, before vowing to do what he could to keep Mike safe, including talking the team back at headquarters into keeping his exact location a secret, which Lisa agreed to, albeit begrudgingly, given the way they last left things.

As Ryan had implied, whether Lisa wanted him involved or not, he was bound to be, as Theo wasn’t about to let sleeping dogs lie with him. Despite her best efforts, the FBI agreed and that was that. On the plus side, he did manage to keep his alcoholism in check throughout this and the next episode, so there was that.

Meanwhile, an overwhelmed Theo contemplated killing himself, which certainly would have made things easier for all concerned, but wouldn’t have made for a very exciting climax, so he rebooted into full-on psycho mode and rallied himself together and came up with a new plan. If all goes well, he and Daisy can go their separate ways and she will officially be forgiven for her trespasses against him. Of course, the best laid plans can get all shot to hell-in this case, literally- so maybe she should have gotten while the getting was good. Oh well.

Theo then proceeds to go back to Eliza’s place, killing yet more of her guards. Man, she really needs to beef up her security, am I right? He tells her about his new plan, asking for a few of her guys- maybe it would have helped his cause if he hadn’t killed two of them already! She acquiesces, but clearly isn’t happy about it.

Even less so when, shortly after Ryan puts on a press conference to put out an APB on Theo and Daisy, he then proceeds to show up right at her door, literally. Putting her “Americans” skills for keeping cool under pressure to good use, Eliza manages to throw Ryan off her scent, to the point of even asking him for his card…just in case.

Meanwhile, Theo and Daisy head to (former) Agent Mendez’ place, where she lives with her wife Dawn (Kristen Bush) and their kids. Taking out her guards and inserting Eliza’s guys in their place, he and Daisy enter the house and hold a gun on Dawn, though Mendez manages to get the kids into a panic room after her Spidey sense tingles. (If I was working at the FBI, I would refuse to stay anywhere without one after seeing what happens on this show, lol.)

Threatening to burn the place down if she doesn’t cooperate, Theo forces Mendez to call Ryan and lure him there. Ryan’s no fool, though, and recognizes the unlikelihood of her calling him to meet her out of nowhere, at her house, no less, so he forms a small team and goes in alone, ten minutes ahead of the rest of them. He immediately recognizes the guards as fake and takes one out, while the other calls for Theo as Ryan runs off into the woods to buy himself- and those in the house- some time. He then doubles back, and gets the jump on Daisy, but then Theo and the other guy get the jump on him, forcing him to let her go.

Daisy immediately wants to kill Ryan, in retaliation of what he did to Kyle, but Theo stops her, saying if anyone kills Ryan, it will be him. He tells her to get rid of Mendez and Dawn and her part will be done. She grabs them both and heads upstairs, planning to lure the kids out in the process and take them out, too, then Daisy shoots Dawn as Mendez jumps out at her, pushing her down. The two manage to get to the panic room, and Daisy runs back down to tell Theo she failed, and they’ll have to go with the burning option. Then the FBI team arrives and a shoot-out goes down, with the second faux guard taken out, and everyone going after everyone else.

Max manages to corral Daisy and shoots her before she can do the same to her. Meanwhile, Ryan, after getting free of his handcuffs, goes after Theo, who heads for the woods. Gwen, who has the worst timing ever, calls Ryan as he rushes after Theo, letting him know that the baby’s alright and that she’s considering giving him a second chance, especially in light of his having told her he’s going to AA meetings.

Much to her chagrin, Ryan is forced to hang up when he sees that Theo has shot a cop and taken off in her car and he runs to help her. He calls an ambulance on her behalf, but then she screams out and Ryan looks behind him, only to see that Theo doubled back and is right there. That’s where we end the episode, naturally.

This was another tense, exciting episode that makes me all the more sad that the show is coming to an end, though at least we didn’t have to wait a week to see how it all turns out. Fortunately, the next episode came immediately after this one, and that’s where we’ll pick up for my second review. See you there!