The Flash “Fast Enough” Review (Season 1 Episode 23)

While not the most action-packed hour the show has given us this year, The Flash managed to bring its first season to a heroic, heart-breaking close by focusing on the character relationships that have defined the show since the beginning. “Fast Enough” gave us several major answers and resolutions, while also setting up numerous teases and mysteries for the show to explore when it returns this fall.

The majority of this finale was spent with Barry agonizing over the decision of whether or not he should trust Wells and go back in time to save his mother. This led to plenty of one-on-one conversations between Barry and the other characters, giving us a chance to see how far Barry’s come over the season. Not surprisingly, the most emotionally affecting conversations were the ones Barry had with his two fathers, Joe and Henry. Even though each gave him a different answer on what to do, it was clear that both men were giving Barry advice rooted in the love and concern they have for their son. In each case, Joe and Henry were both willing to sacrifice their connection to Barry in order to see him living life to the fullest.

Of course, the most heartbreaking moment for Barry came when he did finally travel to the past. Despite his decision to save his mother, all it took was a simple head shake from his future self for Barry to realize what the right thing to do was. Instead, Barry had to settle for a final goodbye to his mother, a final moment of closure before returning to the future to take care of Wells.

Meanwhile, several other romances reached their conclusion this week. This is where the episode faltered a bit, as Caitlin and Ronnie’s wedding seemed pretty sudden given how long they’ve been apart. Then again, I suppose there’s no reason to wait when the world may be coming to an end later in the afternoon. Really, the bigger problem is that Ronnie has been such a fleeting presence on the show, it’s hard to connect as readily with his his and Caitlin’s romance. Eddie and Iris reconnecting proved more effective, with Eddie refusing to let the future dictate what he’s going to make of his life.

Of course, this adamant rejection of destiny more or less set him up to meet his end before the hour’s end. Fortunately, he got to go out the hero, sacrificing himself in order to stop the Reverse-Flash and save everyone he cares about. It was a pretty big gut punch, as Eddie had really grown into a likable, fun character in the back half of the season, a far cry from the generic pretty boy we met in the pilot. This being a comic book show, though, I doubt we’re expected to fully buy into Wells’ death. At the very least, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him return in some form or another, whether it be as an alternate universe Reverse-Flash or as a revived version of the original Wells.

The mere fact that this finale ends with Barry charging heroically into a city-wide singularity suggests infinite possibilities. However the show returns in the fall, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that things are vastly different than how we left them. Whatever the case, with teases of Cisco and Caitlin’s superpowers, the Golden Age Flash and Rip Hunter all popping up in this hour, I imagine we’re in for a lot of great surprises in season two.

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