Grey’s Anatomy “You’re My Home” Review (Season 11 Episode 24)

The eleventh season of Grey’s Anatomy came to an end this week with “You’re My Home.” As a whole, this season has been uneven. The tenth season ended on a solid note, as the writers penned a very heartwarming farewell for Cristina Yang and managed to do so without having her meet some tragic, untimely death.

This season certainly had its strong points. In particular, the sad loss of Jackson and April’s son was a tearjerker in all the right ways. It was great to see Amelia move past an uncomfortable incident with someone from her past and and go on to save Dr. Herman’s life. When Maggie was revealed as yet another secret sister of Meredith, I had my doubts about the writers exploring such a specific premise on the show for the second time. Much to my surprise, Maggie was a great addition to the show and the writers managed to revisit this premise in a way that felt fresh. The storyline was also well-paced and it’s been great to watch Maggie become a larger part of Meredith’s life and to watch her get fully integrated into Grey Sloan.

The weaker parts of the season came towards the end, which was probably for the best. Had Derek’s death occurred in the mid-season finale, I’m not sure that I would have returned as a viewer/reviewer for the second half. The time jump produced mixed results. It was a good choice for moving through Meredith’s pregnancy and grief a bit more efficiently. As I’ve repeatedly shared, I did not care for the manner in which Derek was killed or even the choice to use death as a means of allowing Patrick Dempsey to depart, so I prefer to just move on from the storyline sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, the time jump did a bit of a disservice to other storylines that had, up until now, been developed pretty well. Case in point, April and Jackson.

The season finale picked up with April leading the charge to help the car crash victim trapped in his car. In doing so, April realized that she misses the adrenaline rush she got while serving as an Army medic. The realization is bittersweet for Jackson, as April shows flashes of the woman he fell in love with, but also concludes that he cannot wait around for April until she comes back. I completely understand where the characters stood as the finale concluded, but I wish we had been shown/told a bit more about how April found herself learning to deal with Sam’s death while growing apart from her husband. April’s decision to leave with Owen felt abrupt and I wish I knew more about how she came to join Owen on his tour in the first place.

The troubles for the Bickersons, aka Catherine and Richard, continued in the finale. I was SO relieved when Meredith finally pulled the “my husband died” card to get the two to shut up and stop being so petty. I am not convinced that marriage will be a happy ending for the couple. This is, after all, Grey’s Anatomy and no couple is ever safe. I have a hard time believing that a scolding from Meredith and agreeing upon “terms” for a happy marriage will be enough for these two. I also wish Richard had been firmer in negotiating for Bailey as Chief so that we could all be spared that storyline in the fall.

I’m also still skeptical about Jo and Alex. The couple had a really sweet moment in the loft Jo bought, but I’m not sure that Jo impulsively buying a loft is the best way to deal with her frustration about Alex making serious decisions without consulting her. I also think Jo is missing the point of Alex agreeing to let Meredith and the kids move back into her old home. It’s not just about Meredith and the kids having a familiar, comfortable place to say – I thought it was also about having Alex around as a source of support. It will be interesting to see where the writers pick up with Alex and Jo in the fall. Will they already be set up in the loft, will Jo be at the loft while Alex is at the house with Meredith and the kids despite having technically moved in with Jo or will we see Alex/Jo still living at the house and reluctant to move once the loft becomes available?

The material with Maggie and Amelia was my favorite part of the finale. I’m not exactly a fan of doctors breaking out in tears in the operating room, but I liked how Maggie and Amelia’s respective conflicts culminated in a nice moment of sisterly bonding and dancing it off with Meredith at the end of the episode. If I continue with Grey’s Anatomy next season, it will largely be because of my interest in seeing what the writers do with Amelia and Maggie and by extension, Meredith.

What did you think of the Grey’s Anatomy season finale? Will you be back for season 12? Sound off below!