Mad Men Series Finale 2015 “Person to Person” Season 7 Episode 14

Mad Men Series Finale 2015

Mad Men Season 7 Episode 14 “Person to Person” airs on Sunday May 17 at 10/9c on AMC. In tonight’s episode,The stories of Don Draper, his family and his co-workers at Sterling Cooper & Partners conclude.

Mad Men Season 7 Summary: At the beginning of 1969, Don hides his uncertain job status from Megan, who lives alone in California. Struggling as an actress, Megan tries to recapture Don’s attention with a threesome.

Pete explores the relaxed California lifestyle, but only feels like himself in New York. A perceived insult from Bobby on a class trip leaves Betty feeling unloved. Roger delves into the free love movement, but is repulsed when his daughter leaves her family to live on a commune. Joan sheds her administrative responsibilities to become an “account man”.

Don returns to work, agreeing to strict stipulations, working under Peggy, but senior partner Jim Cutler buys a computer and forms a plan to force Don out.

As man lands on the moon, founding partner Bert Cooper dies and Don and Megan end their marriage. Peggy’s emotional pitch to Burger Chef about a new kind of family supper is a winner. Roger sells a stake in the agency to halt Cutler’s plan, and the firm is able to stay together, with Don at its heart. But as the agency celebrates its windfall, Cooper appears in a dream to remind Don that the best things in life are free.

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