Grimm “Cry Havoc” Review (Season 4 Episode 22)

Grimm - Season 4

Grimm took a road less traveled by most long running shows in their season 4 season finale. The results were completely unexpected, but gutsy. Where will the show go now after some major changes?


Picking up after the discovery of Nick’s mother’s head in a box, we see Nick hit the floor – literally – as he is overcome with grief. Truble and Hank are there to help him gather himself. Truble’s worried it’s all a trap. She tells Nick about the wesen she slayed in the alley. Truble is bad ass and it’s great to have her back. Hopefully she is here to stay.

Meanwhile, Kenneth has Diana with Juliette by his side. Nick’s house is still being watched and Kenneth calls on his men to find Nick, Truble and Hank. He wants them dead. While all of this is going down, the Captain is finally back to himself after taking bullets to the chest last week. Jack the Ripper seems to be gone, but Sean’s guilt over killing several women is still present and wearing on his conscious.

We finally meet the King, who thanks Juliette for saving his granddaughter. Given her body language and facial expressions, she seems to be having second thoughts about all of this; the double crossing Nick and bringing Adalind’s little girl to the Royals. Around the same time, Nick comes to the realization that Juliette had to be the only one behind calling his mother. She was the only one that could have reached out to her, putting her in harms way. He wants her dead!

And then all at once some major changes take place. Time is ticking away on the clock with the season 4 finale set to finish. Before it does, we see Nick and Kenneth fight. Nick’s dark side comes out and anger is clearly present. After some back and fourth, Nick finally overpowers him, stabbing him in the neck. He manages to find out the whereabouts of the Royals and heads for them next.

When he arrives at the Royals house, he’s backed by the gang. Hank, Wu, Truble and Monroe are all there for the epic showdown. Wu blows away a wesen with a shotgun, Truble continues to show her Buffy skills while Hank throws a guy over a railing. The King and Juliette are headed for the helicopter with Diana, taking off before Nick can reach them. Nick is looking defeated. This can’t be the way everything goes down? And it clearly isn’t because before he know it Nick is home and Juliette enters.

She never got on the helicopter. She came back to Nick, apologizing in her own way. She didn’t know Kenneth would kill his mom. Nick lunges at her, choking her. She tells him to kill her. He wants to, you can see it in his eyes, but he doesn’t. He lets her go. The moment is tense. Juliette attacks him and Nick fights back until he is on the ground. She’s clearly too powerful for him, but her reign of terror comes to an insane end when Truble enters and shoots her with two arrows to the upper torso. The conclusion is crazy! Juliette is dead. After four seasons as Nick’s major love, she’s gone. Did the showrunners really just do that?!

The twists and turns don’t stop there. We see someone on the helicopter throw the King out while Diana looks on with a giggle. When the man shows his face, we realize that it’s a man that was present for Diana’s birth. ‘Grimm’ has gone dark side, darker than we have ever seen, and season 5 should be killer!

What did you think ‘Grimm’ fans? Are you upset to see Juliette go? What will happen to Diana, and Adalind and Nick’s new baby?