‘Reign’ (Season 2): Queen Mother

Liege Lord

For most parents they will do anything to help, save and protect their children. That is a truth as old as time, but when you examine the actions of Catherine de’ Medici as portrayed in The CW period drama Reign, that truth has quite a bit of tarnish on it.

Perhaps in her own way she loves her children, she wishes to protect them in any way she can and she will do whatever it takes to ensure their safety. But it’s the way she goes about showing that love that is questionable every…single…time.

In the season finale that aired last night, Queen Catherine orchestrated the abduction of lady-in-waiting Lola and John, the son of King Francis in a bid to force her son to strike down Lord Conde, the very man who openly threatened the King’s life and rule. When Francis decided to allow Conde to live after everything that had transpired not only between him and Queen Mary but also his failed attempted coup, Catherine was furious. Believing she was doing the right thing, following in the path of so many other ruthless rulers before her, she made a move that she felt would assure the result for which she wanted.

Unfortunately, her plan backfired because – of all people – Stephane Narcisse, the man for whom she claimed to love. Let’s not even delve into that whole strange relationship that is based on nothing more than desire and distrust, right? Narcisse had Catherine’s men followed, learning that she was behind the abduction of John and Lola; that she made it appear that John had been killed all to get Conde out of the way. Best laid plans can go awry and this one sure did.

Once Narcisse located Lola and an unharmed John and the news was reported back to King Francis, the royal did the only thing that he could: he banished (FINALLY!) his mother for her actions. That was a long time in coming, don’t you think?

However, Catherine de’ Medici isn’t that easily squashed, as we saw in the final moments of the season finale as the former Queen Mother approached “frenemy” Queen Elizabeth of England. They have a shared enemy, and the overly protective mother is now hell bent on getting back at the one person she blames for her current state: Mary, Queen of Scots.

What are your thoughts on Queen Catherine de’ Medici as portrayed in the show? [Let’s try not to focus on the historical aspects versus the Hollywood version as that discussion would be lengthy and time-consuming.] Do you think she was right in trying to force Francis’s hand in the abduction of Lola and John? What do you think she will attempt to do to Mary, with Queen Elizabeth’s assistance, now that she is ousted? How much more trouble is Mary in for in the future? Please share your thoughts on the second season of the show in our comments section below.

And know that ‘Reign’ has been given a third season order by The CW, moving to Friday nights at 8/7c this fall.