The Amazing Race “Monster Truck Heroes” Review (Season 26 Episode 11)

The Amazing Race Monster Truck Heroes Season 26 Episode 12 11

Well, this is it folks! The Amazing Race concluded their 26th season tonight with “Monster Truck Heroes”, as the top four make their way to The Big D for the finish line! The teams were all equalized on the plane, so we were all knotted up when the teams touched down in Dallas.

Of course you can’t go to Dallas without stopping by the beautiful new AT&T Stadium, so that was the first stop when the teams arrived. The actual challenges there weren’t anything fancy, just the standard catching and kicking of footballs, but the harness ride was definitely the coolest part. That thing really flew, man! They shot up way faster than I thought, and then dropped down almost like a freefall! I also loved all the fanfare that took the players out to the stadium. The kicking challenge was really the only one that gave anybody any problems, but even that didn’t seem to last that long. I get that you have to do football stuff in AT&T Stadium, but really the spectacle of playing on the same field as the Cowboys is cool enough that it doesn’t matter quite as much what you’re actually doing.

It’s when the teams left the stadium that this episode took a sharp downhill turn for me. I hate it when they don’t give teams their own car to drive, especially when they’re back in the states. It makes sense if you want to force the teams into cabs when you’re in some third world country with unpaved roads and a bunch of Tuk Tuks riding around, but that’s not the case in Dallas! This is the last freakin’ leg, so you should test the actual navigational prowess of your teams instead of making them play Taxicab Russian Roulette! Unfortunately, Mike and Rochelle really had bad luck with the cabs. First they had one cabbie ditch them at the stadium, then they had one run out of gas in the middle of nowhere when they were so close to their destination! Maybe if they just gave the teams some Ford Focuses, they get some more money from Ford and they don’t have a problem with crappy cab drivers. I didn’t think Mike and Rochelle was ever going to win or anything, but they lost tonight and they didn’t do anything wrong. So lame.

The rest of the challenges were lots of fun, though. The cattle wrangling was really cool, and the rappelling was pretty great as well. I had no idea what Laura and Hayley kept seeing on top of that rooftop, but apart from that it was really cool. I’m also not quite sure why Laura and Jenny were helping each other during that challenge, either.

Man, it was a beautiful bit of irony that Hayley was the one to lead her team astray after yelling at Blair for the entire season. I loved how she continued to yell angrily at him as they drove aimlessly around downtown Dallas, telling him that he needed to tell the cabbie where to go. He didn’t see this phantom red and yellow clue, Hayley! Take some responsibility for once!

The monster trucks were also really cool, and it was fun to see how excited all of the teams were when they realized they got to drive one. I was a bit confused by the final selfie-themed challenge, though. Were these official selfies that were taken by the team members at designated times? Or did the producers just pick out random selfies that the teams took for fun? What if the team only took a couple selfies along the race? Or what if they didn’t take very specified selfies where it’s difficult to see where they are or what they’re doing? They could have just taken a bunch of selfies with a white wall behind them, right? It seems like this could have been a harder challenge for others if they didn’t take good enough selfies. Also, it was a challenge about selfies. Yuck. That’s definitely the most I’ve typed the word “selfies” in one paragraph. Let’s move along.

The race to the finish line was a pretty exciting one. It was edited to look like Jenny and Jelani finished the last challenge right after Laura and Tyler, although Team So Cal didn’t have as knowledgable of a cabbie as Jelani and Jenny. Apparently they got out fast enough and they end up becoming the 26th winners of The Amazing Race! I really loved these two. They worked well together and were nice to each other the entire race, they’re personable and likable, and they’re from my native So Cal! Good for them.

Overall I ended up liking this season a bit more than I thought I was going to. The blind date aspect was a little goofy, and it was almost painful hearing Phil trying to shoehorn in the whole “love” aspect at the very end. The top three teams were all blind daters, sure, but they were also all very physically fit and young, which was something that a lot of the dating teams were not. I’m hoping that if they do this whole blind date thing again, they can maybe partner with or Eharmony or something and get some people together who might actually be attracted to one another.

What did you think of the episode and the season as a whole? Sound off in the comments section!

Random Thoughts:

– Has anybody ever heard the term “sheisty” before? Hayley started out saying “shady” but then switched over to “sheisty” later.

– How did Big Don the monster truck rider know the selfies were in the right place?! I think you’re hiding something, Big Don!

– It still bugs me a little bit that they don’t end in the city that they started. If you start in Los Angeles and end in Dallas then you skipped the distance between those two cities!

– Why didn’t Matt kiss Ashley back in that final interview?! He just let her kiss his neck. Super awkward.