NCIS: LA Review “Kolcheck, A.” (Season 6, Episode 23)

NCIS Los Angeles Kolcheck A Season 6 Episode 23 5

One more NCIS: LA episode left this season folks! And if we don’t get a glimpse of current Papa Callen** next week, I may eat my own foot. Not only was Arkady back (along with his missing oil tanker), but there were comments about Callen’s family history coming out the wazoo.

**FYI: I say Papa Callen because (1) Nikita Alexander Reznikov is a lot to write and (2) I like the way Papa Callen sounds (it’s the same reason I call Tywin Lannister Papa Tywin). So even though Callen happens to be G’s mother’s last name, Papa Callen is still in fact the papa of Callen.

Here’s my guess as to how the finale will play out: Arkady will die yet not before seeing his beloved Ana one more time. In his dying moments, the Russian will give Mr. Callen, G some important intel regarding a certain father who has been MIA his whole life. Does this mean Callen and Co will meet the man by the hour’s end? Not necessarily. If that’s the case, I hope we as the audience see him though (perhaps as he is watching his son from afar). This would still set Papa Callen up as being the major plotline for next season, which I find the logical next step. I’ve never been a fan of when procedurals stretch out certain arcs for years and years (see Red John on The Mentalist, Trudy’s murder on Monk, Mike’s whole deal on Suits ugh). It ends up growing stale and unbelievable. NCIS: LA will be in its 7th season this fall. Papa Callen needs to make an actual appearance now- and he needs to be the real deal (not a feint like Hans Screiber). Honestly, I think this would invigorate the show as well. Without NCIS as a lead-in, the numbers have been falling. Having Papa Callen enter the picture, for good or ill,** would be a nice jolt to rev things up.

**Good or ill because I personally love the idea of Papa Callen being an antagonist. I don’t think it will happen, but hear me out. That would create palpable tension for the team, and especially add to the dynamic between Callen and Hetty (aka the only parental figure he has around; not counting Granger sorry). Could you imagine if Callen had to choose between Hetty and his father? I think he’d pick the former but would love to watch the internal struggle. All that being said, I think the writers would go the route of Papa Callen working in conjunction with the team to bring some other organization down.

Next week, onto Russia (or some place outside of LA standing in for the Motherland)!

More Thoughts As I Polish My Old Coin Collection

– If Arkady does not make it through next time, I hope he goes out with a bang. And I would certainly miss Vyto Ruginis, who is just so much damn fun. Seriously, shrink Arkady down, put a hat and black coat on, add a mustache, and give him a tall dark Russian woman, and you have Boris Badenov. I mean that as an utter compliment. Rocky and Bullwinkle were a staple of my childhood.

– Speaking of Arkady, I love how Callen tolerates him because of the connection to his father and Sam only tolerates him because of his connection to Callen. You can’t deny the man has chutzpah though!

– With the story moving to Russia next week, I have a feeling the LAPD Investigation into Deeks will be an important plotline that carries over into next season.

– The past few outings have had just the right amount of Eric and Nell, which I am very thankful for.

– Callback watch I love: the title of the 100th episode was “Reznikov, N.”

– Nostalgia Alert: I’m 99% sure Arkady’s house in LA is where Cher lived in Clueless. I screamed, “That’s Mel’s office! Cher went down those stairs!”