‘Revenge’ (Season 4): Saying Goodbye


The series finale of Revenge aired last night after four seasons on ABC; four seasons filled with vengeance, murder, intrigue, and mayhem not to mention lots of twists and turns for all of the characters: none more so than Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke and Victoria Grayson.

As the story played out for the final goodbye to the show, the twists and turns didn’t end, they just got even more elaborate. If you haven’t watched the series finale yet, SPOILER ALERT, here are some of the highlights:

• Victoria Grayson, with the help of pseudo daughter-in-law Margaux, was preparing to leave the country under a false identity. In fact, Victoria said it best, “This all started when Amanda changed her identity and now it will end with my changing mine”;

• Emily/Amanda admitted in court that she was guilty of murdering Victoria Grayson [which, of course, we all knew was a lie], but it allowed her to be placed in a maximum security prison from which Nolan was able to help her escape.

• Amanda and Jack figured out that the woman who died in Victoria’s place was actually Victoria’s mother;

• Margaux hired a killer known as White Gold [that’s who killed Ben], who was sent on taking out Emily/Amanda too, but she ended up getting Jack instead [thank God he recovered from that near fatal injury] (oh, and by the way, Jack and Emily finally had their first night together after waiting HOW many years to be together?!)

• Louise learned the truth about Victoria faking her own death; and turning on the woman she espoused to be so dedicated toward, allowing Emily/Amanda to have her final showdown with her arch nemesis;

• But Daddy David would not allow Emily/Amanda to end up in prison for the rest of her life so he shot and killed Victoria instead EXCEPT the last thing that witch did was to shot Emily/Amanda too;

• Emily/Amanda survived her near fatal shooting, with a major assist from sister Charlotte who, unbeknownst to Emily/Amanda, donated Victoria’s heart to save Emily/Amanda’s life; and,

• In the end, Jack and Amanda finally got married and set off in the boat that David lovingly restored before his cancer took his life, sailing off into the sunset, which had been a hoped-for-dream of many a fan of the show.

Oh, and what about Nolan?! Well, he walked Amanda down the aisle at her wedding to Jack; and she also set him up in the revenge business by sending a young man to him, who desperately needed help proving that his mother – who was being charged with murder and embezzlement – was innocent.

Needless to say, while not all of the four seasons for which ‘Revenge’ was on the air were fan approved or tolerated for that matter; but let’s give the powers that be a hand for actually given all of the characters as much of a happy ending as possible.

Granted, a lot of people died along the way, a lot of revenge was doled out (with a heaping amount of red sharpie X’s) and too much time was spent on the dreaded Americon Initiative; but all in all, I think most viewers, even the ones who decided to depart from the show early on, should be happy with the ending for Jack and Amanda.

Am I right?

Please share your thoughts on not only the series finale of ‘Revenge’ but also your overall opinion of the show in our comments section below and say goodbye to the series.