Revenge “Two Graves” Review (Season 4 Episode 23)

Revenge "Two Graves" Season 4 Finale 2015

If there’s one word to describe the series finale of Revenge, it would be “neat.” Instead of any crazy, last-minute twist, “Two Graves” played out in a predictable fashion, giving Amanda Clarke a downright picturesque end to her story. The result was a fairly unexciting finale lacking in any real bite. I’d be fine with ABC greenlighting a spin-off featuring Nolan Ross serving as a vengeance consultant.

Seriously, everything that needed to happen in this hour happened, with nothing coming out of left field to take us by surprise. And what this finale needed was something big, some final consequence of Emily’s years-long vendetta. In the past, the show has toyed with the idea that this is a self-destructive path, and it brought that up again this week. Heck, this episode is named for the Confucius quote Emily mentions at the close, but somehow, David taking the final shot at Victoria is enough to absolve Emily of punishment. It feels like a cheat, one that lets Emily off too easily.

And this isn’t to say that she deserves to be buried, or that Jack should’ve died, but the happy ending she got is too far in the other direction. Emily Thorne is a character I’ve loved following, but not murdering anyone doesn’t mean she hasn’t done a plethora of awful things, things that have led others to death and destruction. So maybe, at the very least, she should’ve ended up alone, with more than maybe having Victoria’s heart in her chest – was that actually what happened, or just a dream? – and a father she was destined to lose either way to haunt her.

It just rubbed me the wrong way, especially in comparison to Margaux’s ending. Yes, her turn was perhaps a bit too convenient after just how dark the writers had made her this season, but the end result was a character willing to atone for their sins. And she truly has lost as much as Emily, with her father, lover and unborn child all lost in the brief span of a year. But she’s still willing to pay with imprisonment and the loss of her empire.

But not Emily. Because of a technicality, and because she is our protagonist. Again, I’m not saying she needed to lose everything, or that she hasn’t lost a lot over the past four seasons. But for her to get such an idyllic ending rang hollow, at least for me.

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