Grey’s Anatomy “Time Stops” Review (Season 11 Episode 23)

Congratulations on the renewal Grey’s Anatomy!

That’s the good news. Now for the less than good news – “Time Stops” was not exactly my favorite episode of the show. It is always good to hear that actors, writers, cast and crew will continue to be gainfully employed, but as a viewer, the episode did not exactly make me thrilled about the future of the show. It is my hope, as the show enters into its twelfth season, that the writers and show runners will start thinking about an end game and what is necessary to get to that point. As it stands now, Grey’s Anatomy often feels a bit haphazard and random in its approach to story lines and the demands on the audience to turn a blind eye to logic are becoming excessive. Case in point, last night’s episode “Time Stops.”

If you’re frustrated with the manner in which the writers handled Derek’s death and the fallout of his death, last night’s episode did nothing to improve things. This week, Meredith finally got around to answering to Amelia for choices she made at the end of Derek’s life. I’m tired of the problems with this storyline and writing about those problems, so I’ll simply note that I’m glad Amelia finally got an opportunity to point out to Meredith that she did not get a chance to say goodbye to Derek. Actually, I have another nitpick – it’s one thing to place Meredith in the middle of a catastrophic event shortly after returning to work, but did it really have to be a catastrophe involving cars? Really? So soon? I would never expect the writers to avoid this obvious emotional string to pull for Meredith, but if it had to happen, the writers could have at least waited until Season 12. In an ideal world, this episode would have been a bit of a reprieve from the last three hours of the show.

One of my biggest issues with “Time Stops” is part of an issue that I have had with various portions of this entire season – the full circle theme. I’m at capacity with the flashback montages and the use of classic Grey’s Anatomy songs like Chasing Cars, but made new via a cover by a different artist. In last night’s episode, we got a nod to Meredith’s first day at the hospital with a new cover of “Portions for Foxes” playing in the background. With shows that have been on the air as long as Grey’s Anatomy, recurring themes are not the biggest crime the show runners can commit. However, a little moderation exercised this season would have made the call back moments much more compelling.

Kevin McKidd pulled double duty in this episode in the role of director and actor. I liked the episode’s focus on Owen, as he used a risky procedure to save the life of a patient. I wish Owen’s storyline had been free of the bickering between Catherine and Richard.

Thoughts From The Grey Sloan Memorial Surgical Observation Deck

– I’ve just committed Stephanie’s and Jo’s names – mostly for the purposes of expressing my frustration with the incorporation of the characters into the show over the last two seasons. I know that new interns are par for the course on Grey’s Anatomy, but I am not quite ready to embrace these new additions. In a single episode, they’ve all managed to annoy me. Indeed, it is expected that some of the newbies will grate our nerves, but it is hard not to look at the new class and wonder which one of them will ultimately meet some horrible, untimely demise because of the show’s longstanding tradition of killing at least one of the new doctors. The fact that viewers can anticipate an intern dying, as much as we can anticipate a new set of interns is not a good thing.

– I nominate the intern who posed as a surgeon for an early departure from Grey Sloan.

– Bailey should the the new chief. Hopefully it will give her more to do. I cannot believe that we are actually embarking upon another “who will be the chief of the hospital” storyline.

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